Windows 10 Questions

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Re: Windows 10 Questions

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Gusto10 wrote:
Caultron wrote:For Microsoft, the problem with Office it that even old versions had all the functionality 99.9% of the customers could ever want. So how do they get everyone to upgrade? They move everything around so you can't find it and then call the result easier to use.

Same with Windows.
One of the reasons why people will upgrade is that some functionalities will no longer be available. Also older version of office, i.e. office 2000 will not work under windows 7. So if your PC has given all it had, than you are forced to upgrade or go for free stuff and have all the ads bothering you while working.

On the subject of windows 7 or 10, I upgraded from Vista to 7 to 10 and after a year my pc went on the blink. The Bleu Screen of Death was there each and every moment so after some deliberation and much time spend to find a solution, I bought a new desktop and surprise, surprise, under one account it gave also the BSoD. Any suggestions how to counter that?
Under one account only, wierd! I would delete that account and re-create it, probably something in its profile which is corrupted, copy any important data first then paste it into a new (replacement) account, check that that one is ok, then delete the corrupted one.
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Re: Windows 10 Questions

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The last ten years I always make two local administrative accounts, plus the LUA account for the user(s). Same local accounts for domain account users. That way there is (so far) always a 'back door' one of us can get into for an emergency.

And once (knocking on wood) I somehow got a corrupted profile. Used the admin profile to delete the old profile and created a new one. Restored my desktop, documents and so on from backup.

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