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For the Flickr folk

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I got an email from Flickr that the T.O.S. for flicker have been changed to account for the Verizon take over.

After a little study on the matter I wonder once all this is complete what changes will take effect after the transition?

Although I seriously doubt Verizon will take the site down all together, I do wonder about restrictions on image hosting, file size limits, lower disk space, etc. Then again, dismantling a major site has been done before. If you recall GeoCities of the late 1990's was purchased by Yahoo and eventually shut down. GeoCities was the bomb back in the early days of the internet.... had a home page myself there once.

Ahh... back in the days of 500kb storage space, link backs to advertisers that you were "required" to put in the code yourself, guestbook entries, talking to people from around the world... I remember being a teenager doing this for the first time over the internet, just a few months prior, it cost 25 cents per minute just to call Roanoke VA! But I can "chat" with someone in the U.K. for free? NO WAY! 8) :wink:

It was the year I learned the world was much bigger than Bedford County Virginia!

Well... hopefully I wont have to find a new home for my ten thousand photos!
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