Why I haven't been around for a while

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Uncle Al
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Why I haven't been around for a while

Post by Uncle Al »

Hi folks :D

Just to let you know, I've not fallen off the edge of the world.
I've barely posted a few items, here & there.

I've had oral surgery to remove 3 teeth. It's a terrible thing
to have bad teeth, no matter what one does. The pain became
so bad that I could feel my pulse in a tooth. A crown was about
to let go and a filling came out, resulting in a 'shell' of a tooth.
The surgeon had to sedate me via an I.V. I did feel, a bit, one
of the needles going into the roof of my mouth.

After the surgery, my wife took me home & I went to bed.
She got my Rx's for me and I've been taking them as directed.
I'm about finished with the antibiotics but have only used "1"
pain pill. The anti-nausea meds are still in their bottles.

Other than that one day, I've not had any severe,or otherwise, pain.
I'm on a 'soft' food diet for another week, then I can introduce more
solid food. (Getting tired of Chicken & Dumplings, jello, pudding & yogert.)

On the plus side ;) I've lost 12 pounds. Not the best way to lose
weight but any little bit helps. ;)

Uncle Al
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Re: Why I haven't been around for a while

Post by Kirbstone »

Welcome back, Uncle Al. You have my sympathy anyway, as that is what still puts bread on my table.

Just this morning, booked in of course, my first patient had split one of his upper front teeth, which had had a post crown on it. We numbed him up, managed to winkle the rest of his broken root out with difficulty, freed up some virgin bone higher up so we could get good 'primary fixation' , popped a 16mm long titanium cylindrical implant in with some 'Bio-oss' artificial bone granules to make up for lost hard tissue, closed the wound up with a couple of stitches, fitted a titanium ferrule on that and fashioned a new temporary crown on there which looks like his own. Antibiotic cover, of course and a pocketful of pain killers for when the numbness wears off.

Next week we'll get rid of the stitches and adjust the temporary crown shape if necessary. Three months down the line we'll make him a permanent one.

Thought you'd appreciate the gory details...

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Re: Why I haven't been around for a while

Post by Happy-N-Skirts »

Why I don't post much. I am interested in what other guys are doing and wearing. It has helped my self confidence to read about self confident men who like to wear skirts and more.

I like to contribute some of my experiences about wearing skirts in public, the type of skirts I like to wear, shopping for skirts, etc. I like wearing light weight, stretchy fabric in gray, denim, khaki, and camo patters while hiking. I totally enjoy the freedom of walking with unlimited stride and ventilation. I often wear a skirt when in stores, gas stations, restaurants, or as mentioned, on hiking trails where there aren't many people, or in wilderness areas where there are no other people at all.

I'm not trying to feminine, but enjoy freedom and comfort and no tight sweaty crotch. My skirts closely resemble shorts and therefore I am not noticed, or at least haven't been. No stares or comments. There are a lot of gender boundaries that are completely artificial such as wearing a shoulder bag, comfortable walking shoes, pantyhose. Who made up these rules anyway? I have made up adaptations such as getting in and out of a car, sitting in a restaurant, etc.

The benefits out weigh the negatives. I like to contribute and to offer encouragement to others about wearing in public, shopping, positives, based on what I like to do and wear.

I'm hear even if I don't comment a lot.


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Re: Why I haven't been around for a while

Post by skirted_in_SF »

Uncle Al - I can sympathize with you. I went to my dentist for a regular six month check up a couple of years ago. He found a soft spot at the base of an eight or ten year old crown (he still does both the exam and cleaning himself) and scheduled me to come back in a couple of weeks for a better evaluation and fix. I went back on the appointed day and he poked at the spot a bit more. The probe went deep into where the tooth should have been. He took off the crown and the tooth was gone. No pain to warn me a problem. I was sent to an oral surgeon later that morning and the the remains of the tooth were removed and the resulting hole stitched over. I went back to work when the surgery was finished. I may have taken an ibuprofen or two afterwords and maybe a round of antibiotics (don't remember anymore).
Stuart Gallion
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