Sanctuary of the weary soul

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Sanctuary of the weary soul

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Located near the little unincorporated community known as Konnarock VA (Dillon was actually near there recently) sits a little church that has no congregation. It's doors are open to the public and never locked. Inside you will find pews, pulpits, and other fixtures that look hand carved.

You will also see a registry and community board full of poems, and notes from the countless travelers that have passed through over the years.

The church to me represents humanity at it's finest, and you'll never find yourself in a building that has such a strong energy and soul. A lonely structure that calls out to other lonely souls. As I walked in and took stock of the sights, smells, and letters I couldn't help but stand in awe of the power that this building held.

At the front of the church is a small altar beside the pulpit with the bible opened to the book of Hebrew. I looked through it, and left it open on the book of Matthew (one of my personal favorite books). Beside the altar on a little stoop is a box of tissues to aid in the comfort of those who come in with nowhere else to go, shunned and turned away by the cruelties of humanity, they sit in quiet solitude, open their heart, and pray. One can only imagine the tears that have soaked into the untreated wood in that very spot.

But it's also a place of joy, as the board and registry indicate, many have gotten married there, the start of many a young couples new life, their hearts full of hope and possibility as they say their vows in the humble little church.

I stand in the center isle way and look upon the small wooden cross that hangs above the church on the back wall. As I contemplated the church, the structure, and it's otherwise lonely yet beautiful soul, I couldn't help by find myself watery eyed.

A donation box sits by the board along with the registry and a pen. I add my little comment, praising the beauty of the church, and the building itself. I signed it "A.C." my initials. I left $5 in the box. My first offering in many years, but in my humble opinion, this is the first church I've ever been in, that pulled my heart in such a way.
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