A 19 year old Science Prodigy

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A 19 year old Science Prodigy

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This is a fantastic story

This 19 year young man from Reno, Nevada may be the next Einstein. At age 14
he built a nuclear reactor and is working on a nuclear fusion reactor which has the
potential to solve the world's energy problem. Since he already knew more about
nuclear physics than the professors teaching the subject, he skipped college and
at 19 has formed his own company which is developing a nuclear power plant
which does not need cooling and therefore can never melt down and which will
therefore be safe from catastrophic accidental releases of radioactive material.
This young man may well change the world in a profound way.
Watch the video, it is fascinating.

This is a video clip(with a commercial at the begining) from NBC with
Brian Williams about this true prodigy and genuine person who is really
up (self taught) on nuclear fusion…


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Re: A 19 year old Science Prodigy

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Amazing! And I thought I was doing good... graduating in the top 10% of my class of 856 kids in High School! :D

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Re: A 19 year old Science Prodigy

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With great power comes great responsibiliy.

The next Einstein or the next Dr X ...

Wasn't it Einstein's work that led to the A-Bomb. Yes, this young man may certinaly change the world in a profound way
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