We reap what we sow!

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We reap what we sow!

Postby DALederle » Wed Jun 09, 2010 6:59 pm

You reap what you sow!
That old quote means, basically, that you can't bring in a harvest unless you first plant a crop.
Well, this can be said to apply to thoughts and ideas as well. What we see today in our culture is what was planted there years ago. In our political strife, our lack of education in our schools, our drug problems, our morals and ethics all had their beginings years ago.
Just as an example:
Years ago (the 1950s and 1960s) during the post WWII era we had numerous public service ads brodcast on the media (TV, radio and movie theaters) about what to do the event of an atomic attack. They even taught us in schools how to duck under our desk or line up in the hallways, sitting down with our backs to the walls. On TV they showed people diving into ditches or ducking into alleys and covering themselves with newspapers.
This was all absurd, of course. An A-bomb would blow people to bits even if they were laying in ditches or under school desks.
There were all kind of movies too about the horror of atomic energy. Like "THEM" about the giant ants, etc. etc. And all the post war movies and TV shows about the horror of wars. It was a constant barrage for any of us growing up then.
So along comes the mid 1960s and people begin ringing their hands wondering why all these college kids are protesting war?
HUH? Why wouldn't the kids protest? They made them fear and hate war and then couldn't understand how they could now protest it.
They made them fear atomic energy at all cost and then couldn't understand why our atomic power plants are now shut down!
How many more absurd notions are out there being fed to us everyday?
Is this why a man has to have a reason to wear a skirt? Because our culture has been fed so many bad images of men who wear skirts?
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