Hooray For Paul Weller

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Hooray For Paul Weller

Postby ziggy_encaoua » Mon May 19, 2008 4:05 pm

Excuse the self indulgence here but anybody who knows me knows that I’m a big fan of Paul Weller particularly is solo work (was never huge fan of The Jam or The Style Council) & well Paul has a new album coming out in a few weeks here’s the lead track & here is a question why is it Paul has never managed to break America? It’s such a shame because his solo work is perfect for FM rock radio.
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Re: Hooray For Paul Weller

Postby Sasquatch » Tue May 20, 2008 3:51 am

ziggy_encaoua wrote: here is a question why is it Paul has never managed to break America? It’s such a shame because his solo work is perfect for FM rock radio.

I don't know why except that it's mostly old farts like me that still listen to the radio. And I listen mostly to NPR and "the penguin", a Wilmington "alternative" station. NPR stations down here tend to be either news/talk, classical, or folk/singer-songwriter. If he's on radio here, it will probably be one of the Sirius channels.

Also the music recording industry here is in big trouble; it hasn't adapted to the online era and is doing all it can to defend its turf in a desperate attempt to maintain control of the market. That pushes it away from investing any energy in promoting or seeking out new talent. If you don't already have a brand name with proven sales, you're pretty much SOL these days.

My kids are into iPods/MP3 and download their music. I rarely hear them listen to radio. If they do it's some kind of R&B/rap station that sounds to my ear like poorly-lubricated machinery. The young Marines around here are into hardcore and metal, and it doesn't seem like Weller fits into that genre - he seems like more of a heavy-buzz kind of rocker.

Anyway, he's got a good rhythm for the old-school rock clubs that haven't gone totally techno. That, of course, makes him way too rockin' for a geezer like me. The only bone shakin' I've got left will probably come in a few years as Parkinson's or something. But thanks for sharing that cut.

Lately there seems to be a lot of music with a decent pop sensibility playing in my head. Right now I'm hearing Scissor Sisters "Take Your Mama", and I've been hearing a lot of old David Lindley and Warren Zevon too.

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Re: Hooray For Paul Weller

Postby FranTastic444 » Sat Oct 27, 2018 6:59 pm

I was a bit too young to appreciate The Jam first time round, but I've listened to their music later in life and like some of their tracks. I thought the Style Council output was a bit of a mixed bag - some great stuff like Long Hot Summer, Walls Come Tumbling Down and Long Hot Summer but a lot of filler in between. My favourite content of the Weller canon is his early solo output - Wild Wood and Stanley Road were played to death in my house and car. Wasn't so taken with Heavy Soul and by the time Heliocentric came along I'd lost interest and moved on.

I'm currently listening to Paper Bird a lot. Such a shame that they have gone their separate ways. Would have loved to see them live. On this wet and windy Nor'easter day in New England, here is a suitably titled track from them. Loved their playing, the songs and the singing (particularly the harmonies of the three ladies).
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