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Starting over

Postby Boatman398 » Sun Nov 04, 2007 2:43 am

I spent the weekend in Gainesville Florida mostly skirted with no reactions to my skirts. Being a large college town I did not expect any problems. After 22 years in the same town and 37 years working on yachts I am off on a new adventure. Unlike people who knew me and had to get used to my starting to wear skirts and the worry of what old friends will say. I will be starting out with people who will meet me wearing skirts. I won't loose friends over it , maybe some will not want to be friends because of it but who cares about them. If there are any of you that live in the area let me know and maybe we can get together some time. I look forward to living in an area with real trees. Going to be more days of the year to cold for my skirts but I will survive.
I will be building fiberglass kit airplanes. For those of you who fly these are not light sport planes . By building yourself it is an experimental aircraft. There is both a 2 and 4 place plane both with a cruise speed in excess of 200MPH with fixed landing gear. Not going to be any more skirt friendly work than yacht repair but at least I don't have to wear long pants or suit.
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