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Postby Dennis A Lederl » Sat Apr 14, 2007 2:39 pm

Seasonal Affective Disorder!
Or SAD for short.
I'm just getting over this years dose of that psychologically crippling condition.
It come on, for me, every Jan. Th. My birthday!
This year on the day of my birthday I received two messages. A post card from my barber, giving me $5 off my next haircut and an e-mail message from this board, wishing me a happy birthday.
No cards from my family or friends at all.
Even my wife ignored it because we were busy watching our granddaughter that day. The following morning she told me happy birthday.
Added to all that is my still on going litany of health problems.
Four years ago I was told, by my doctors, to retire.
I planned to on my ND birthday, last year. And then my wife was lay-ed off (downsized) after 22 years with the company she had worked with. So I had to keep working just for the medical coverage. I have severe emphysema and she's a diabetic. We have to have medical coverage.
Now I'm in a trap of needing to wait for age 65 and Medicare to kick in so I have coverage.
Added to all that is a new problem, my heart. At the very least an arrhythmia of my heart.
So I wait some more for that chance to retire.
And for that precious (to me) time when I won't have to wear pants in order to keep my job.
I don't have a job that will let me, safely, not wear pants.
Besides, I hate winters and cold.
So I hang in there, hoping for the best and waiting for my time.
There must be others out there like me.
But it's like my allergy to the blue dye in blue jeans. I seem to be the only person in the world who can't wear jeans. In fact I hate that garment and wish the world would give them up (fat chance).
So I wait and hope soon to have some good news to relate here.
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