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Came home this morning after a morning walk, while my wife was still out. I chose to change out of trousers and put on a mid-calf skirt my wife had recently complained about. When she returned home a few hours later she noticed and said "Oh that looks good on you. We can share that."

I had expected her to say "you can have that" because she had complained that it was hard to walk in - the walking slit wasn't long enough. On me the slit was just fine: Since I am a foot taller than she, the slit is above the knee on me, but below the knee on her.

But she advised me that she liked the skirt except for long walks, and she wasn't willing to give it up, but she was very willing to share it.

This is somewhat of a conceptual breakthrough: When I first started wearing skirts there were some moments of worry on her part (and mine too frankly!)as to whether I was going to become a cross dresser or something. But over the years she has realized that I'm merely exercising my freedoms, not going through some change that is going to change the man I have been for the last 28 years of our marriage.

So having crossed that hurdle we are both a bit more relaxed with the issue, and with that relaxation a lot more of the arbitrary barriers and divisions are falling. The latest is this invitation to share a garment.

We don't share shoes because her feet are half the size of mine. On the other hand our, oh let's pick table napkins, are not designated 'his' and 'hers'. We do have separate bed pillows because we prefer different firmnesses. But we don't have separate bath towels.

The point being that we have reached a new rubicon of some sort, where we now have garments that are equally suitable to either of us, and we can equally share them.



(I do note that in the case of, say, towels, the towels don't belong to either of us but rather you might say they belong to the home. In the case of garments the skirt is 'hers' and I can use it. But this is not one-sided; I have a pair of wool tights that she sometimes borrows. Maybe the next level will be represented by purchasing a garment for both equally - just like a towel.)

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