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General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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John's reply to Lar

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Hi Lar,

Sounds like you're talking about me, based on what you read in my recent Fleet Week post. You're right, I definitely dress femme from the waist down and normal guy from the waist up. Apparantly, others at this site do so as well. As to why, I can only say that I enjoy doing so very very much, and that the enjoyment comes from being out and about in public. I don't dress femme at home, and if that's the only place I could do it, I probably wouldn't bother. It's really being out and about in normal types of public situations that I find so enjoyable, and touring a Fleet Week ship was just such an occasion.

As for looking at myself when dressed femme, yes I do enjoy that. For the most part, dressing femme is the only time I really wear nice, tailored clothes, and I enjoy the way I look when I'm decked out. I especially enjoy looking at my legs in the pantyhose or stockings, from the hem of my short skirts to my high heeled-pumps. As for taking shoes off, I have little interest in looking at my feet. I take my shoes off now and then just to air them out and give them a break from the high heels.

Anyway Fleet Week was lots of fun, although next time I'll probably wear a longer skirt because of those ladders!!

Cheers, John

Lar's comments:

I want to make it clear that this post is not a cut or judgment about how anyone chooses to dress. It’s just an observation and curiosity about the psychological aspects behind the reason why you dress the way you do. I’ve noticed that some men look like women from the waist down when they are dressed in their skirt, nylons and women’s shoes and as a matter of fact, if I couldn’t see the top half of them in the picture I would truly think I’m looking at a woman. I want to paint the psychological scenario of a fictitious person named John..
When John dresses, he puts on women’s high heeled shoes, nylons, (panty hose) and a short skirt. On top he wears a typical men’s shirt. He gets a sense of pleasure and fulfillment while looking at his legs. The same goes for when he takes off his shoes and looks at his feet in the nylons but he also feels a sense of loss that he doesn’t have a partner who looks like that.
Could it be that these men are trying to imitate what they don’t have but wish they did? Each of us, (male or female) has ideal preferences in what attracts us. We may love their partner very much. Our partner may have a beautiful face and a wonderful personality but there may be certain parts of their body that we wish were closer to what we prefer. Or we may not have a partner so we dress the part. After you’ve given this some thought I would be interested in hearing what you have to say from personal experience.
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