Fleet Week in San Francisco CA - USA

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Fleet Week in San Francisco CA - USA

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Greetings All,

Last time I posted, it was about my trip from San Jose to Sacramento wearing a skirt. This time, it's a little different.

Every October, the U.S. Navy observes Fleet Week. They sail a variety of warships to San Francisco and make them available for public tours. I've toured ships during past Fleet Weeks, but this time it was with a twist...I wore a skirt during a tour of the U.S.S. Chaffee, a guided missile destroyer. I had a great time, enjoying the military hardware as well as being dressed femme.

I had lost some weight recently due to a stressful situation at work, but they were pounds I was glad to be rid of. I noticed that I was slim enough to wear my shortest, tightest skirt, something that had not been the case for, ahem, quite some time. I resolved to wear it for Fleet Week. There was a line of people waiting their turn to go through security and board the ship, and we had to wait for almost an hour. During that time, word of my presence must have spread quickly among the crew. Remember, I wear skirts, pantyhose and heels while making no attempt to hide my male identity. It's a unique look.

When I boarded, several officers were casually standing around, trying not to be to obvious as they looked at me. The two petty officers who conducted the tour were very pleasant, but you could tell that they were fascinated by my look. They were both young women, and up 'til then they probably thought that their gender had a corner on the skirt-wearing population. Once of them smiled at me. As we went through the ship's passageways, there were a few off-duty crew members standing around, obviously looking but too polite or shy to say anything.

The only embarrassing situation was one I had not thought about. Ships have very STEEP stairs that are better referred to as ladders. Indeed, they are about as sloped as a typical ladder might be. There were a number of them throughout the tour, and of course the ones I had to climb were more worrisome because there would be people behind, err, below me. I just tried to climb them as quickly as I could without losing my footing or dignity. Oh well.

All in all, I had a great time.

Cheers, John

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