Do I look like a priest or what?

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Re: Do I look like a priest or what?

Postby denimini » Sat Oct 27, 2018 7:58 am

Happy-N-Skirts wrote:Can you provide photos of Aussie men wearing skirts, I am curious what they look like, where they wear them, what styles are worn, and the prevelance of men wearing them. Is it a small part of the country or are they evenly distributed throughout society. Where are these skirts sold? Please let us know.

I am in Aus and don't know of any men wearing skirts except for the few of us here at Skirt Cafe. I wear a skirt most of the year recently and spent 2 weeks in Sydney in a skirt and saw no other men in a skirt. I would say the non-skirt-wearing is evenly distributed and widespread, As the only example I know, myself, I wear mini skirts that I buy in Op-shops or on eBay. I live in a sparsely populated shire of 52,000 square killometres with a population of 2500 and I would hazzard a guess that I am the only male skirt wearer living in it.

Oops, I didn't mean to continue the thread drift, No, I don't look like a priest. :oops:
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