I finaly did it!

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I finaly did it!

Post by rudy »

Hi, my name is Rudy and I've only posted here once, but however...

On (Kid you not) April 1st, I esd kiffing around about wearing a skirt in public with my mother and she didn't mind if I wore a skirt out. So we went to the Denver Auto show, and I wore my new "pleated plaid kilt" the one someone posted on here from the Gap. This was my first time ever wearing a skirt in public and with people around, oh and it was day.

It was amazing. First we went to the payday load guy to drop off my payment. I didn't seem to get any surprised looks or anything. Then we drove down to Denver. I have to admit I was a bit scared in Denver. After walking around a little bit, I felt better.

When I was buying food from the vender there, this big black dude, looked at me a little funny, but he was a very nice guy and didn't say anything.

So after the show we went down the street, and had sushi. Man I tell you, that was such a great day! I hope I can do it again sometime soon.

I just want to say how nice it is to have a site like this, and see that there others who brave it, sometimes everyday.

73, Rudy

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Post by Stu »

Congratulations, Rudy. And welcome!

Your experience will not surprise anyone here. Wearing a (sensible) skirt out and about barely raises an eyebrow these days.


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Post by me012247 »

Welcome to the Club
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Post by earth_man »

Good and it looks like we have another Ham.

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Post by WSmac »

Sounds great for a first time!

I think a few folks around here have recommended a good bit of advice... hold your head up and act as you normally would. Look people in the eye, if that's your custom, and concentrate on everything else BUT the skirt.

Glad you had a great time!

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First time should not be the last

Post by skirts4me »

Hi Rudy,

Congratulations on making the first of many outings in a skirt. Keep doing it and you'll gain more confidence. Once you are comfortable within yourself you'll carry the skirt and virtually no-one will notice.

I don't expect you to near what some of us are already doing, but the targetted media exposure some of us are involved in will make a huge difference in the not-too-distant future.

I can vividly remember my first attempts at going out in public - I'd go for some milk at a store some distance from home and where I wouldn't be recognised.

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