Tunic, dress or caftan?

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Tunic, dress or caftan?

Post by Coder »

Someone shared a profile on Instagram with me, and noticed one of the videos there was a guy wearing tunic-like clothes:


It looks like he's wearing pants in most of the shots under the larger "shirt". Sorry for the Instagram link - but that's the best I can do. It might load for you - if it doesn't try Incognito mode.
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Re: Tunic, dress or caftan?

Post by Sinned »

It's a question I have posed to moh. At what point does a T-shirt become a tunic become a dress when the garment is lengthened? I have a yellow "tunic" that is really too short to be a dress but too long for a T-shirt. And I have a black "dress" that is one inch longer than the "tunic" so is it a "dress" or a "tunic"? The yellow "tunic comes to mid-thigh.
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Re: Tunic, dress or caftan?

Post by FLbreezy »

His personal account has a photo too: https://www.instagram.com/p/CQYtLHZpX0X/

Looks comfortable.
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