Real world shopping for skirts

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Real world shopping for skirts

Post by cookieninja »

Out there in the real world, where do you lot go to shop and try stuff on? I'm assuming, if there's gendered changing rooms, most are going head over to the men's ones. Any tips and thoughts on how to be braver and care less, or anything else that might make it easier?
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Re: Real world shopping for skirts

Post by Barleymower »

I never shop in 'shops' for skirts. I find it too difficult. I would not know what to do with myself if I needed to use the changing rooms.
Instead I prefer to shop online. I use local shops like Next, John Lewis etc. I accurately measure myself. Luckily I am bang on a 16 in UK sizes. I get it delivered to the store, take it home, try it, take it back if I don't like it.
Otherwise I use ebay. There's a lot on ebay and I can get most things at a fraction of the new price. Some gets sent back some dome discarded to the skirt graveyard and some join my favourites.
I also know a really good tailor who will adjust with a smile and not judge.
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Re: Real world shopping for skirts

Post by Kirbstone »

Online shopping has become King. Oriental sizes e.g. L, XL, 2XL &x are at best extremely misleading. Where they are converted into Cm or inches the risk of misfit is reduced, but alas not eliminated. Anyone researched the actual size of a Pakistani inch ? They're certainly not Imperial.

The little spring-reel measure is worth a dozen changing rooms. Skirt dimensions boil down to just two: Waist and drop to the hem. Even on the rack-hanger the inside waist flat measurement tells all, regardless of stated size, although in my experience, UK16 is pretty reliable. With zip-up closure, a hook or button at the waistband is very helpful. I always try the pockets with one of my large spades. As for length, rehemming by a seamstress is cheap & quick.

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Re: Real world shopping for skirts

Post by Jim »

When I'm feeling adventurous I like trying on skirts and dresses in the store. I haven't seen gendered changing rooms; I just go to the nearest one. Sometimes there is an attendant you need to show what you are taking in the room and sometimes there isn't. Never a problem or an odd look. Wear a skirt or a dress when you shop and it won't look odd to them to be trying such a thing.

Unfortunately, since the COVID pandemic started, our local thrift store has closed its changing room, so I have to do the tape measure thing. It works for fit but takes more imagination on what the garment will look and feel like.
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Re: Real world shopping for skirts

Post by SkirtsDad »

Most of the time I'm buying from charity shops, and these really couldn't care less what you try on. They have seen it all before. But shopping in the "real world" I've had different sorts of encounter. Last time I went to H&M the changing rooms were not gendered and no-one batted an eyelid with me walking in with non-typical male attire. This contrasted River Island some years before where I had to go to the men's changing rooms to try on women's flower covered jeans. TKMAX, not so long ago, I went to the women's changing rooms to try on "women's" sportswear and, perhaps since I was wearing a skirt anyway, the attendants were completely unperturbed by me walking in there.
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Re: Real world shopping for skirts

Post by Sinned »

Tom, I keep telling you that the Far Eastern inch is 10% shorter than the Imperial inch. Fact.

I rarely buy skirts now. Finding them in the shops is getting more difficult and the styles and selections in charity shops is variable. I have very definite preferences for my taste and I have loads of skirts anyway.
I believe in offering every assistance short of actual help but then mainly just want to be left to be myself in all my difference and uniqueness.
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Re: Real world shopping for skirts

Post by STEVIE »

cookieninja wrote:
Thu Dec 01, 2022 6:56 pm
Out there in the real world, where do you lot go to shop and try stuff on? I'm assuming, if there's gendered changing rooms, most are going head over to the men's ones. Any tips and thoughts on how to be braver and care less, or anything else that might make it easier?
I buy as much as possible in meat space and try stuff on accordingly, it is part of the fun.
UK, Marks and Spencer, Next and John Lewis but nowhere is out of bounds.
I shop for skirts or dresses in a skirt or dress so being coy is rather pointless.
Gender stereotyping will only be reduced if challenged and me, I love a challenge.
Be comfortable in your own skin, dressed as you wish and behave like you know you belong there.
It won't make you braver or less caring but, with some practice, skirts and skirt wearing will become the pleasure it should be.
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Re: Real world shopping for skirts

Post by tnwheels »

I have tried on skirts in shops on several occasions. If I am in a big department store where dressing rooms are self service I generally pick out what I want to try and I go to the mens dressing room. In smaller stores I have gotten help from sales associates they are most always female and they have always been quite helpful. When they approach me to see if I need help I will just reply yes could I try this. I have always been treated like any other customer.
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Re: Real world shopping for skirts

Post by Faldaguy »

I will add one more 'vote' for just wearing your stuff (skirt, dress, whatever) and do your shopping wherever you elect, and definitely try them on in the same manner you would anything else. Confidence is the key, and shopping in a skirt makes perusing skirts or the "women's" wear section much easier than if you are men's garb. Shopping in a skirt will often bring more assistance and opportunities to talk and normalize your choices.

I will also add a boost for thrift shops -- a great way to test various styles economically. It seems most thrift shops have re-opened their changing rooms now, except when still running short-staffed.

In my view, online shopping is a pain -- getting sizes correct is only part of the fit in a skirt/dress. The wait, the shipping fees and returns if necessary are a nuisance -- unless it is something very specific that you are after. There are also "consignment" shops -- they often have a better grade of clothing and are usually well-organized, unlike some thrift stores that just toss everything "in a pile" so to speak. If you are in the US/Canada, Goodwill is no longer bargain basement, but usually very well organized.

Have fun.
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Re: Real world shopping for skirts

Post by rivegauche »

In the UK at least this is no big deal at all. I shop mainly in chains and independent boutiques, I would shop in department stores too but most have disappeared and there are now none in Scotland north of the central belt unless you count M&S. If you don't use shops you lose them, so I never buy online. You just select what you would like to try on, approach an assistant and say "Can I try this on?" They then direct you to a fitting room, and it is very rare indeed to be refused or directed to a male fitting room (where there is one). I tend to avoid the cheap end of the market like TK Maxx and River Island because I find the fitting rooms so unpleasant. It is years since anyone said no to this request and I shop a lot. I probably know almost all the boutiques north of the central belt except for the real outliers in the islands and places like Thurso so I know when I go in that I will be welcome. I recall a shop called Stons in Stirling that refused to let me try on a dress and they sell male clothes too, so they were just being unpleasant. Obviously I have not gone back. in hundreds and hundreds of shopping trips I have only been refused or treated differently (made to try on in a storage area) about 3 or 4 times, and most of these shops closed because - according to other shop owners in the towns involved - they were unpleasant to all their customers, not just male ones buying skirts or dresses. Just go for it - you will wonder why you were nervous.
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Re: Real world shopping for skirts

Post by rode_kater »

I mostly shop in second hand stores, there's two really big ones in the area which I visit on occasion. No gendered changing rooms, just individual cubicles with a curtain. There's never anyone checking, and yes, there are clothing labels tucked behind the mirrors. If you're going to steal clothing that costs less than €2 you must be pretty desperate.

I don't often find much, but I try on many things to get an idea of what kind of thing might look good on me. Although it's kinda scary when there are other people browsing the racks, I've never had a reaction, either in a skirt or in normal drab.

Edit: this is the Netherlands.
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Re: Real world shopping for skirts

Post by JeffB1959 »

I’ve never considered trying stuff on in stores. I buy stuff I like, then try it on in the privacy of home….but with the tags on, so if I mess up and buy the wrong size, I simply take the garment back and exchange it for the right size. But, 95 percent of the time, I usually buy the correct size, so I never worry about returning anything, I guess I just have a good eye when it comes to clothes and my body type.
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Re: Real world shopping for skirts

Post by ScotL »

Try ThredUp. Online thrift store with a lotta skirts and cheap. Can easily send back free but they take off some of your return cash. It’s fair if you ask me and for the prices…
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Re: Real world shopping for skirts

Post by r.m.anderson »

I subscribe to the art of buying in a bracket of sizes - if I am uncertain about the origin of the measurements -
This to the degree that the shipping and handling is FREE -
AND the return is equally as FREE or there is store/source reasonably close by for the return.
NO buying at minimum level incurring the S & H - make a deal about it.
Being in a major metropolitan city - this has worked well for me.
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