Unisex Skirts Store

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Unisex Skirts Store

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Near as I can tell based on their instagram profile, this store makes and sells unisex-branded skirts:


The owner/designer/model? appears to be male. A bit too expensive, but I like the general style of these. Using Google translate, the about page:
" Emo " = radical
"ele" = beauty
"cajua" = dressing up By arranging "
*" (meaning to call)
in three words,
we create fashion that makes you feel new values. ..

Unisex brand with a skirt as the main

07269 line of T-shirts that make one- of-a-kind items with antithesis in the mass production era
Design with a message such as a little playfulness and gag
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Re: Unisex Skirts Store

Post by Kirbstone »

Ugh. Not me.

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Re: Unisex Skirts Store

Post by Sinned »

Maybe a few tops I could wear but not any skirts, really.
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