What is the oldest skirt you own?

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Re: What is the oldest skirt you own?

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rivegauche wrote:
Fri Oct 01, 2021 5:05 pm
It's simply a Word file that lists them 001-999. The number limit is imposed by the filing of the JPEGs. I can go over 1000 but it will mess up the sequence.
I can understand the limitation now. I keep the details on a spreadsheet with one column where the cells link to a pic via my photo management software. I can view all the skirts on that program. It is quite handy keeping track as I can check sizing and dimensions of a brand before I buy, check wether I already have one or perhaps it was a bit large and the next size down would be perfect. There is still the challenge of finding a particular skirt in meatspace if it is not one of my favourites.
I have a date purchased column but I don't record date manufactured because most skirts are second hand and there is no way to know.
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Re: What is the oldest skirt you own?

Post by 6ft3Aussie »

For me, my oldest type of skirt is a blue lavalava and a yellow/brown/green lavalava which I picked up in the Solomon Islands in 1997, so 24 years old.
The white and yellow print has mostly worn off the blue lavalava but it is still in great condition and does get used occasionally.

These were my introduction to the wearing of unbifurcated items.
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Re: What is the oldest skirt you own?

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This is the oldest skirt I currently own: a BHS (remember them?) denim skirt purchased in 2015. I don't wear it much anymore as I prefer midi length denim skirts these days. I used to own a couple of men's denim skirts from Midasclothing.com but they wore out.
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Re: What is the oldest skirt you own?

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Oldest meaning the first one I bought, well that is appropriately the first one exhibited on my first pics & looks thread: viewtopic.php?p=110145#p110145

I still have it, though it is very faded and I've since bought a similar one. But I wore the old one just yesterday while mowing the grass.

Oldest meaning made first, well I don't know because so many have come via Ebay. But probably this one, judging by the style. I have a vague notion that it may have been described as 90s or even vintage: //www.skirtcafe.org/forums/viewtopic.php?p=140186#p140186
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Re: What is the oldest skirt you own?

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A very fine skirt - I'm jealous!
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