New Skirtcraft Wrap Skirt Design

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Re: New Skirtcraft Wrap Skirt Design

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pelmut wrote:
Sun Sep 05, 2021 10:24 pm
Are you sure this happens with genuine original Velcro, or was it an inferior Chinese rip-off?  I've seen Velcro decades old and still working as good as new.
It could have been a knock-off, but dates to the 1980s or so. I'm not sure.
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Re: New Skirtcraft Wrap Skirt Design

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Thanks, everyone, for the comments!

The closure has been the biggest challenge with this design. My goal is for the fastening to be highly adjustable, secure, durable, easy to use, and without hardware that would clatter around during washing/drying. I think the ties (cords) largely meet these, except notably falling a little short on ease of use. It's not very clear in the photos, but the ties are a direct continuation of the waistband fabric, so are strong and durable. I've been using a square knot rather than a bow for reasons of security - and because I'm not familiar enough with knots to know a better one. The thickness of the ties makes untying the knot less difficult than might be expected.

Velcro would fit the bill in several ways. One drawback I see is that it would be possible, though maybe unlikely, for the skirt to come undone if something pulled or caught on it in the wrong way (whether accidentally or maliciously).

I hear you about the international shipping, exchange rate, and customs duties. It's unfortunate how much they add up. The main solution I know of would be to have distribution set up in different regions/continents, but I'm not at a scale presently for that to be practical.

If this does become a product, there will be some kind of crowdfunding campaign or preorder period to help fund the initial factory run. I'm not sure yet if it would be on Kickstarter or another platform.

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Re: New Skirtcraft Wrap Skirt Design

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I just took your survey. I like the design :!:
Once I watched the video about putting it on and securing it,
that changed my mind about the design. I would add a couple of
belt loops on the back of the skirt, to keep the 'tied parts' from
sliding up over the waist.

Price is a key thing. If I'm going to pay $65-$75.00 for this item,
I'ld rather get a Stillwaterkilt for about $15-$20.00 more.

I just purchased 2 Faux leather skirts at Walmart. 1 black and 1 brown.
I'll change out the included belt for a more masculine leather belt instead
of the tie-type belt. The belt loops are large enough to handle a 2 or 2.5"
wide belt. My purchase of both skirts was just under $50.00 - I like your
designs but the price is not in my budget.

Sorry I couldn't be more helpful :(

Uncle Al
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Re: New Skirtcraft Wrap Skirt Design

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I have two wrap skirts that tie like this one, I end up tying a bow knot… but then I have this obnoxiously large bow on my side :P so I tuck the bow into the waistband, which causes the waistband to be a bit wonky. I’ll try a square knot to see how it works.

The one thing I’m not a fan of are dangling cords - so you might want to demo how the cord can be tucked away out of sight if the wearer so wishes (maybe there was a photo like this?).
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Re: New Skirtcraft Wrap Skirt Design

Post by Dust »

How easy is it to untie a square knot after being tied all day? I've got wrap and tie skirts, but they don't get out much, and I assumed a bow would be better than a square knot.

A way of tucking the end in would help, not sure how, but I'd rather not have dangling chords of any sort. But I would still prefer them to Velcro...
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Re: New Skirtcraft Wrap Skirt Design

Post by geron »

Not knowing what a square knot is, I've just looked it up -- and it turns out to be what in the UK is called a reef knot. Which is a relief, because it won't overtax my limited knot-tying skills.
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