Polo inside or outside ?

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Polo inside or outside ?

Post by marcb14 »

Hello everyone, new to wearing a skirt, I ask myself a question: is it better to put the polo shirt or the t-shirt inside the skirt or outside?
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Re: Polo inside or outside ?

Post by FLbreezy »

It might look better inside, but I'm a die-hard un-tucker (outside) unless it's a formal situation.
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Re: Polo inside or outside ?

Post by Keildersoul »

Hi. It's all down to personal choice, and the occasion of course. I am a "summer, out - winter, in" kind of a chap in the main. Polo shirts are not my personal choice at any time, mind you.
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Re: Polo inside or outside ?

Post by SkirtsDad »

My instant reaction is that tucked in looks like you are going to work, out you look more relaxed (plus you have less creases).
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Re: Polo inside or outside ?

Post by r.m.anderson »

Ah to tuck or not to tuck ?
What is more nobler to do ?

The apparent hem length changes in either case -
Changes from maxy to a sort of mini skirt - - -
Presents a picture of a different torso length -

In this case dealing with coordinated complimentary colors blending in -
Contrasting colors may change the tucking picture with another result -

In any event the (skirt) fashion police do not have ordinance (rule of law) in this matter !

Wear it to the degree that you would want to be remembered best !
"Kilt-On" -or- as the case may be "Skirt-On" !
Isn't wearing a kilt enough?
Well a skirt will do in a pinch!
Make mine short and don't you dare think of pinching there !
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Re: Polo inside or outside ?

Post by 6ft3Aussie »

For me, if I needed to be a bit more formal, tucked in, but when not, definitely untucked and loose.

If I was to wear a business shirt, tucked, but anything else, out.
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Re: Polo inside or outside ?

Post by nzfreestyler »

Definitely always tucked in. All tops other into your skirt. Only exception would be by design - such as a cropped top that won't even reach the waist.

Just my 2 cents worth.

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Re: Polo inside or outside ?

Post by STEVIE »

In a nutshell. please your own good self!
If you don't, nobody else will do it for you.
More positively, well done in looking relaxed and believable with the skirt on.
Just don't allow denim to be the default setting unless it is your choice that is.
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Re: Polo inside or outside ?

Post by denimini »

I think tucked in looks beter in this instance.
Anthony, a denim miniskirt wearer in Outback Australia
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Re: Polo inside or outside ?

Post by howardfh »

If it's a belt = inside
No belt, either.
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Re: Polo inside or outside ?

Post by new2skirts »

Tucked in looks great with formal shirts and skirts, some complained about my belly when I demonstrated the look with formal pencils for the office, but I think NZF is spot on with his recommendations! :wink:

Here's my green pencil skirt in tweed (sadly shrunk in wash), but shirt tucked in and worn to the navel.
Adds a nice break between the shirt and skirt which can be seen when seated ( or the shirt kind of merges in and disappears if skirt worn too low), but that's just me being fussy :mrgreen:
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Re: Polo inside or outside ?

Post by Faldaguy »

Please yourself. If you feel comfortable, that is the gold standard! I mostly wear out -- even with dress shirts if the hem is tidy and relatively straight, and T-shirts almost always out -- but I'm hiding a bit more belly by that technique! Sometimes a particular skirt just seems to look better, or worse, with a different shirt -- so try it either way. Shirts that fit loose under the arm or around the belly and might work with pants, just look sloppy with a skirt -- others will allow enough width to flow into a fuller skirt -- so again, no fast rules, no fashion police -- just what looks/feels good to you.

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Re: Polo inside or outside ?

Post by New-in-Skirts »

If my polos have the little slit on each side I have the tendency to leave them out with skirts or trousers. If no side slits I generally tuck.
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Re: Polo inside or outside ?

Post by hiddenheels »

Both look good! One looks more formal. Generally I go for the casual look, and hence do not tuck the tshirt in.
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Re: Polo inside or outside ?

Post by Dust »

When I do utility kilts, I usually tuck in my shirt, even if it's just a t-shirt. I like the look, but will occasionally leave my shirt untucked, especially if it's one that doesn't stay tucked in very well. Longer shirts I generally feel need to be tucked with any skirt or kilt, while the same shirt I leave untucked with pants or shorts.

Athletic skirts and shirts I never tuck in unless the shirt is a tight fitting one (think compression style fit).

With more formal styles I usually tuck my shirt in, and with more formal shirts it's often a near necessity. Some are designed and cut to not be tucked (as others hate already mentioned), but this is unusual in menswear, especially as you get less casual. A men's shirt with tails looks disheveled untucked with pants, and even worse with most skirts.

I do tend to feel that a tucked shirt necessitates a belt, whether it's with pants or a skirt, so I seek out skirts with belt loops.

All that said, I try for a much more masculine style than many here, so your milage may vary. And sometimes even I look at a particular combination and just decide it looks better untucked.
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