That rare male compliment

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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That rare male compliment

Post by Faldaguy »

Other threads (PDX Fashion; Fred in Skirts; Jeff, etc. have reported the rare male compliment, but not seeing a thread dedicated to compliments from men, here it be!

I've had a number of compliments about my skirts, mostly from women but rarely from men who seem to try to 'not notice'. So today I'm headed out to pick up the milk from my neighbor's dairy when I stopped at another neighbor to drop an item off to a youngish (40 yo) single bachelor who usually has 'eye candy' on or in his arms! :wink: After greetings his first comment was 'where was I headed, I was looking good, like maybe off to a dinner at the Reserve' while clearly checking out my skirt.

I think I was more surprised because I was wearing a simple straight green cotton skirt landing a couple inches above the knee paired with a nice linen tropical print shirt, dark green below, light green above and thought I was very casually dressed--something I might even wear in the shop. But as rare as it is for men to extend any comment, the compliment was a nice confirmation that some men are freeing up enough to acknowledge something positive about a non-conformist member of their set, and that MIS in particular can achieve positive recognition from other males.

I don't seek or keep tabs on compliments, but do enjoy those that come and hope you too may see the barriers weakening a bit with the occasional positive comment from other men that don't personally choose to wear skirts themselves.
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Re: That rare male compliment

Post by denimini »

I have had very few compliments on my attire. A few compliments from women regarding a skirt or a jumper (pullover, sweater) but only one from a man saying "Great" after his wife commented on my mini skirt and long socks.
Regarding normalisation of skirt wearing by men, I prefer no compliments about my skirt because people never complimented me on my pants.
I guess some might fear that same sex compliments would have the same connotation as same sex anything else.
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Re: That rare male compliment

Post by moonshadow »

I was wearing along tie-dye boho skirt one evening, walking across a Lowes parking lot and a mid-aged man complimented the skirt saying "nice tie-dye!"

They are rare indeed. Compliments from women are much more common, in fact I got one last weekend.
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Re: That rare male compliment

Post by partlyscot »

While I was working at my last job, I did sometimes get male compliments, but usually about colourful shirts, even when I was skirted.
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Re: That rare male compliment

Post by STEVIE »

Over the years I have found that the compliments from guys centre around the fact rather than the style. Guys also tend to be less verbal and will simply give a thumbs up to indicate their approval.
With women it is different. I have had quite long chats which were initiated by a compliment. Styles, designs or accessories, with some women there is no subject which is taboo.
All part of the fun guys.
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Re: That rare male compliment

Post by JeffB1959 »

The number of compliments I've gotten from men are far and few inbetween. But one I'll always remember was from some ten years ago when I was leaving a bookstore, wearing a denim a-line skirt that fell below my knees with a pair of high heeled knee boots, as I was walking out, two guys were going in, and one of them gushed over....MY BOOTS! He said they looked great. Go figure. :lol:
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Re: That rare male compliment

Post by Pete07 »

I have a couple of skirts about knee length, both in dark plain colours, they have 2 pleats at on the front on each side. A number of guys have said to me "Nice Kilt". To which I have replied a simple "Thank You" but when in other skirts I haven't had anything from guys outside of friends.

I don't really mind not getting compliments. As Denimini said, I wouldn't have been getting compliments on my clothes if I was wearing trousers and a shirt. The less people mention the skirts to me the better. But if people are genuinely curious/interested i'm happy to discuss with them.
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Re: That rare male compliment

Post by new2skirts »

Not so much as compliments, but more "banter"... I was in a denim pencil skirt with sneakers when a guy asked "aren't you cold in that thing?" :D
I was farily warm with tights on, I figured it was the closest thing to a compliment as the guy had a grin on his face but it all seemed to be in good humor. Men generally don't compliment each other, if anything it's a quick "nice jeans / jacket" etc as they may not want to be seen as checking another guy out... :oops: :roll:
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