A certain satisfaction

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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A certain satisfaction

Post by Epiceneguy »

Does anybody else get a feeling of satisfaction when they pull up the zip on their skirts, where everything feels just right and comfortable?
I'm thinking it's because it's so alien from the trouser zip being on the side or back?

Any thoughts????
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Re: A certain satisfaction

Post by Sinned »

Yes I do enjoy that feeling and doing up the belt that I generally wear with the skirt if it has belt loops. I know that I get the satisfaction of "adjusting" the skirt several times during the day as it moves relative to my body. Up/down mainly of hem and/or waist but very occasionally due to some rotation. But the feeling of just wearing a skirt is best of all ....
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Re: A certain satisfaction

Post by KiltedintheValley »

There is no greater feeling than zipping up my skirt after a long day of work. My job requires a trousered uniform which is quite uncomfortable. What tops it off? Admiring myself in my full length mirror! :D
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Re: A certain satisfaction

Post by r.m.anderson »

I prefer a skirt with an elastic waist (multi accommodating size).

With a zipper closing the size has to just so exact although I do have two skirts with elastic and the zipper.
What a breeze of ease with those.
The skirts with side zip pose little if any problem cause I can look over and adjust - with the rear zipping
sometimes the two panels just have a mind of their own resisting the tug of the zipper in closing - remedy
zip in front and whirly jig the skirt around to the back. A tight fit makes this an effort.

The skirt zips with the hidden seam zipper are real neat keeping the closing a secret or guessing how did he get into that skirt.
For strength the industrial zipper with alligator teeth is the one although there is no hiding the closure.

It helps to be ambidextrous in using zippers left/right fly front - left side - and rear center seam zip.
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Re: A certain satisfaction

Post by Stu »

I mostly wear denim, so the zip (zipper in US English) is in the same position as the fly on pants.

To me, denim skirts are basically long denim shorts but without the middle bit.
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Re: A certain satisfaction

Post by Fred in Skirts »

I wear mostly elastic waist banded skirts. It makes it a lot easier to put on and to make adjustments.
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Re: A certain satisfaction

Post by denimini »

Each morning, with bleary eyes, I can aim my feet towards just one opening and get it right first go.
Front zips on skirts do fly in the face of logic but as most denim skirts have front zippers I can live with that as I don't have to mess with it for the rest of the day.
Most of the day I am not conscious about wearing a skirt until there is a cool breeze, with that sudden revellation giving me great joy.
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Re: A certain satisfaction

Post by new2skirts »

I have the annoyance of some of my skirt zips failing or even splitting if I have put on too much weight :shock: but I love side zips on some of my pencil skirts :D

Jeans skirts are like mens shorts to me, mostly invisible. I love the breeze up my skirt on a spring day as well, something you would never get in shorts :oops: :mrgreen:
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Re: A certain satisfaction

Post by Spirou003 »

I feel I look better in skirts than in trousers most of the time, thus yes it's always satisfying to put on a skirt 🙂
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