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Masked comment

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I had an appointment at the Medical center today. Being that the temps are falling, I wore a heavier weight Utilikilt and tights.

While I was in line to have my temperature taken before entry, a lady a couple people back caught my eye and asked “Why the kilt? It’s not St.Patricks day yet.” Being masked, I felt a bit of bravado. So I simply replied, “ Because it’s too cold for a skirt”. She didn’t reply, but even being masked, I could see the lady in front of her give a slight smile. I doubt I would have said that if unmasked. But I thought, What the heck. :lol:

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Re: Masked comment

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Great reply!! :lol:

Some people just have to make off hand comments and think they are perfect....
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Re: Masked comment

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I don't know what she was wearing but with a comment like that I would have been tempted to respond:
"Why the outfit, it is not Halloween." with a smile of course as not to seem nasty.
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