The end of August

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Re: The end of August

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SkirtsDad wrote:
Tue Sep 29, 2020 8:36 am
Is your thermometer upside down there Kirbstone? Surely red = warm ;-)
Red usually denotes negative, like one's bank account :)
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Re: The end of August

Post by Kirbstone »

Hi guys. No doubt Denimini, from your personal viewpoint my thermometer is upside down! I don't have an overdraft facility with my bank and as a very senior citizen they allow me free banking with no charges, so I never see red there and I haven't recently bought a Caribbean island or similar.

I agree with SkD that the afternoons remain mild & pleasant despite our recent frost, but following Dennis's directive I today donned thick wooly tights for my dog walking. With 16-17 degrees they were a tad too warm, but I did get a pic.

That beautiful garden seat by the glasshouse is a gift from a friend who is downsizing. It needs a little TLC, one could say. MOH's blooms by the front door survived the frost and will probably go on for another month.

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