How far we've come

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Re: How far we've come

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Faldaguy wrote:
Thu Dec 31, 2020 1:53 am
Anthony, I have considerable admiration for the wealth of knowledge this crowd holds, but you may need to explain your pun to some -- meantime I'm smiling. :cheese:
Sorrrrryyyy. New Zealand is often referred to as the land of the long white cloud (which is obviously a meteorological feature). Some original inhabitants have a different take on the phrase.
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Re: How far we've come

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I've been at the family home in Maryland dealing with my Mom's estate since early November. I wore dress pants at the memorial service on November 6, as I didn't want any undue attention on me since the service focused on Mom.

I had also packed a pair of blue jeans but I've not worn pants since the memorial service. Back home in Illinois, I wear pants for a weekly peace vigil (look foolish enough standing on a street corner with signs). So this is the longest by far that I haven't worn pants. Well, I tried on a pair of Christmasy leggings for a minute but was unimpressed. I'm still doing all the everyday (during COVID season) things of walks in the park or suburban streets, grocery shopping, and hardware stores. I'll soon be starting to paint the interior of the house, preparing it for sale, so I'll have to pick a skirt that I'll sacrifice for painting jobs. Or maybe I'll just wear a long old teeshirt I found here like a dress.
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