Pyjama Skirt?

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Re: Pyjama Skirt?

Post by skirtpettiman »

The splits look way too high for me. I wear below the knee cotton or polycotton petticoat slips combined with a low neck mens vest in bed.
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Re: Pyjama Skirt?

Post by andrewsh »

I bought one off AliExpress, it came too short with the slit too high, so it went straight to the recycling.
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Re: Pyjama Skirt?

Post by Epiceneguy »

It does look good for a hot day (I live in Scotland so this isn't going to happen, :lol: )
I think if they advertised it without the dreaded 'skirt' word a lot of younger guys would probably go for it, making skirts more acceptable hopefully
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Re: Pyjama Skirt?

Post by GerdG »

The idea with a pyjama skirt is good, I think. But the Wish company has an extremely bad image.

There ARE viable alternatives to trousers.
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Re: Pyjama Skirt?

Post by Shilo »

This reminds me of an article of clothing advertised in the weekend supplements in the ‘80s It was called a “Guy’s Wrap. It was a short wraparound skirt and it was marketed to appeal to masculinity. It obviously didn’t catch on. Does anyone remember it or was even tempted into a purchase?
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Re: Pyjama Skirt?

Post by Faldaguy »

It was mid to late 70's my wife & daughter gifted me a "guy's wrap around" -- not sure if what you are referencing; this was a 14" long blue wrap with partially elasticized waist band. 48" when stretched out flat. There are three button for fitting waist size and a single darker blue patch pocket. I never considered it a skirt, but a swim wrap as in those days we still wore short trunks, speedos or generous bikini's in Canada. I used it a lot, especially in hotels going to the pool, etc. but not stand-alone as a skirt as it was more like a glorified towel than outer wear. Still have it all these years later albeit with a few thin or wear through small holes! No label except washing instruction.
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