Pandemic Shutdown Skirting

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Re: Pandemic Shutdown Skirting

Post by Faldaguy »

I would wager your clients have picked up on it -- they just don't give a hoot; pretty much like everyone else.

Thanks for the chuckle about skirts and CV-19 immunity! What they will genuinely help-- crotch rash.

I hope you can run through the full wardrobe again, clients and all -- the utili-skirk, simple denim and such are an easy start.

Good luck, enjoy;
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Re: Pandemic Shutdown Skirting

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Well there is a pandemic, and I am skirting:
Working mostly from home, now that the weather is turning colder, I have just discovered the delights of having a low powered heater under the desk where I work, with a nice feeling of warmth as the heat wafts gently up my skirt, this will save me a fortune, being in a land without gas on draft, where I have to use oil central heating and have a large 8m by 5m front room which is not cheap to heat.

A whole new twist on "hot desking".
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Re: Pandemic Shutdown Skirting

Post by skirtpettiman »

Working from home as a self employed proof reader I've been able to keep the heating bill down by layering up on skirts (something you can't do in trousers). A tiered multi layered fluffy petticoat provides plenty of insulation against the cold. Save the environment, save the planet... wear petticoats!
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Re: Pandemic Shutdown Skirting

Post by photoguy207 »

A little update. The past few months have been really great at the office. I got really tired of sneaking around wearing a skirt and changing etc, when people come in, so I brought up me wearing skirts with the ladies who work in the office and they are really cool with it. Now in the morning I come to work and change in to a skirt and wear it until I have to deal with the public.(I will work up to that in the future) I have been getting feedback on how they look on me, what to wear with them etc. Its rather interesting to really care about each piece of my outfit, since usually its just jeans or shorts and a t-shirt or sweatshirt. Now I think about what shirt would go best with the skirt I am planning for the day, then the shoes, and socks etc. I always remember hearing that women dress for other women, I find that completely true now when I am picking things out, will they like what I have on today.....

Just there other day, I showed my outfit to another person here. I was in my office and I said what do you think and I stood up from my desk. She looked at me and was excited and gave me a high five and said thats good, you wear what you want. It was a black cashmere sweater, denim old navy skirt and black Doc Martins. It really did look good on me and she agreed.

There is one guy who works with me on a daily basis, I haven't talked to him yet about it, but I know he really wouldn't care.

There are two other ladies who work here part time in a different part of the building but I haven't shown them yet or brought it up.

Also, I have been out and about in a black old navy skirt with a front and back vent. Its pretty much invisible to being a skirt and its super comfortable. Its been fun. I ordered some Converse sneakers the other day for the summer, to go with the denim skirts. I think it will be a great casual look for the summer. So possibly by the summer, I may be wearing skirts most of the day while working. Which will be cool both literally and figuratively!
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