Pandemic Shutdown Skirting

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Re: Pandemic Shutdown Skirting

Post by Faldaguy »

I would wager your clients have picked up on it -- they just don't give a hoot; pretty much like everyone else.

Thanks for the chuckle about skirts and CV-19 immunity! What they will genuinely help-- crotch rash.

I hope you can run through the full wardrobe again, clients and all -- the utili-skirk, simple denim and such are an easy start.

Good luck, enjoy;
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Re: Pandemic Shutdown Skirting

Post by Big and Bashful »

Well there is a pandemic, and I am skirting:
Working mostly from home, now that the weather is turning colder, I have just discovered the delights of having a low powered heater under the desk where I work, with a nice feeling of warmth as the heat wafts gently up my skirt, this will save me a fortune, being in a land without gas on draft, where I have to use oil central heating and have a large 8m by 5m front room which is not cheap to heat.

A whole new twist on "hot desking".
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Re: Pandemic Shutdown Skirting

Post by skirtpettiman »

Working from home as a self employed proof reader I've been able to keep the heating bill down by layering up on skirts (something you can't do in trousers). A tiered multi layered fluffy petticoat provides plenty of insulation against the cold. Save the environment, save the planet... wear petticoats!
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