A drawing of daddy

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A drawing of daddy

Post by victor1964 »

My little girl has autism at the severe end of the scale.

She loves to draw and after drawing a picture of my wife she asked her to draw a picture of daddy.

I turn out as Harry Potter, thought I would share it with you all, it made me smile :D
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Re: A drawing of daddy

Post by Epiceneguy »

Nice one and really great that you've shared such a lovely personal moment, thanks.
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Re: A drawing of daddy

Post by Shilo »

Definitely one for their fridge door. I advise you to keep stuff like this it’s great to browse through your collection in the future
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Re: A drawing of daddy

Post by moonshadow »

Hey that's awesome man!

Definitely fridge material!
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Re: A drawing of daddy

Post by Faldaguy »

A good one indeed. I share your delight.
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