Keeping the manhood from poking out

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Re: Keeping the manhood from poking out

Post by nzfreestyler »

Along this line - I think the point of just wear what you like and if there is a bulge there - well its to do with the style of the skirt - and if you are ok with it it is no different than breasts showing through a knitted top or fitted tops - the shape is part of the outfit. And the contouring of said bosom is fundamental in a lot of styling.

Fashion is becoming more 'out there' and womens clothes seem to be showing more and more - so I think perhaps guys should just wear what they like and are comfortable with their image in. Take a leaf from the bold moves in womens attire lately.

I looked at that post here on unisex dresses from the brand vertigga ( and I noted that as an example the unisex suit - pant suit/jacket in a unisex style - was worn by a male model and a female model. The woman was not wearing a shirt with her suit... the guy was wearing a shirt. Arguably one should not show ones bra/cleavage openly, so perhaps the guy should have been shirtless instead - but its becoming normal to show a lot of your body - either skin or body shape. Because I wear these styles and cross over most of these boundaries on a routine basis I do feel the crazy double standards of presentation and body conscious styling. It makes me very self conscious to wear at first but it is also very empowering and fun to wear once used to the feel.

I would say be bold and rock out what you feel like - and own it !

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Re: Keeping the manhood from poking out

Post by JeffB1959 »

When it comes to wearing skirts or dresses that are more in the way of form fitting, I opt for a body briefer which helps me present a smooth profile as I'm not a fan of having the manhood stick out. But, that's just me, do what YOU think is best for your public outings.
I don't want to LOOK like a woman, I just want to DRESS like a woman.
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Re: Keeping the manhood from poking out

Post by kingfish »

I'm part of the group that advocates not hiding the bulge.

I go for the dance belt. Its name is deceptive. The full bottom varieties are more like a speedo swim brief and will smooth out the bulge profile in the same way(s) that a brassieres smooth out the ladies' mammaries.
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