Fashion advice (of sorts)

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Fashion advice (of sorts)

Post by Epiceneguy »

Yes I'm aware that I'm suffering from 'new boy syndrome' and going into post overdrive, but please bare in mind you guys are the first real guys I've had serious conversations about my skirt wearing, :wink:

My question is this;

Is it preferable to tuck in your shirt or leave it out?

I've tended to go for the casual out as I don't think I have the body to properly wear it tucked in (I think I look a little 'frumpy')
(also please don't laugh at my fashion sense, as a gay guy I kind of missed out on the fashion gene, technically in the gay world I'm counted as disabled, lol)

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Re: Fashion advice (of sorts)

Post by crfriend »

Tucking or not depends on the formality of the situation and the configuration of the shirt.

Generally, if the shirt has "tails" it should be tucked in; if the hem is straight it's up to the individual. Examples of the latter include Madras shirts, Hawaiian shirts, and blouses (which exist for both guys and gals).

Hyper-casual types, like t-shirts, are almost always worn "out" because of the nature of them.

Another indicator might be whether there's a collar or not, with collar-less ones more likely to be worn "out" than "in" and collared ones the other way 'round. Tails, though, are a strong signifier, although that's getting grey wit more and more women's shirts showing up with moderate tails.
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Re: Fashion advice (of sorts)

Post by nzfreestyler »

Howdy Epiceneguy,

I mostly tuck in to my skirts.
I wear more 'girlier' outfits than a lot here but I just love my skirts and dresses.

I think a shirt - or a blouse which is simply a more aggressively fitted shirt should be tucked in generally - however some of the tailored shirts and especially blouses are now made with a squarer hem which is suitable for wearing over your skirt.
I wear tight fitted knits over my skirt and also tucked in... just depends on the look.
If I was wearing a red mini then mostly I would tuck in because I want my skirt to feature.

Its also important to remain balanced - so personally I think a shorter skirt is better tucked in so that your waits and hips are visible - making the skirt look longer - because otherwise you're all top half. A short skirt is all about legs and esp. with high heels in the mix (if they are) then your top half will look bulkier again if you have a top over your skirt. A long flowing skirt is ok with a top over it as the length of the skirt is there.

I would also avoid a big top with a big skirt - I would do a fitted top and a big skirt.

hope this helps

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Re: Fashion advice (of sorts)

Post by Stu »

Treat it the same as you would treat trousers/pants. Would you tuck a tee-shirt in? I would only do that if I were to wear a sweater over the top.
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Re: Fashion advice (of sorts)

Post by oldsalt1 »

I would agree with stu. do the same as you would do with pants.. casual more likely out dressy or formal in if you are wearing heels and pumps in flats out
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Re: Fashion advice (of sorts)

Post by r.m.anderson »

Another factor to consider is if there is enough tail or hem material to actually tuck in and have it stay tucked !
"Kilt-On" -or- as the case may be "Skirt-On" !
Isn't wearing a kilt enough?
Well a skirt will do in a pinch!
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Re: Fashion advice (of sorts)

Post by howardfh »

Out and about with a shirt not ticked in, to stop it flapping around I tie a pullover or similar around my waist. Also stops the wind blowing it up at the back! Anyhow, I go for slim-fit shirts/t-shirts which I prefer so they look OK in or out.

I always feel if a skirt (or trousers) is worn with a belt in place, then it's a sin to leave the shirt out, punishable by ten years inprisonment. :shock:
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Re: Fashion advice (of sorts)

Post by 6ft3Aussie »

For myself,

I wear sarongs, some skirts and utility kilts, but shirt always untucked.

I generally want to appear as masculine as I can.
While I have long hair (not as long as kilted John), I still want to appear as "don't stuff with me" male as I normally do, in a completely non-aggressive way.
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Re: Fashion advice (of sorts)

Post by FestivalGuy »

Ive done it both ways but typically wear t-shirts so they are un-tucked. I will tuck a t-shirt into a utility kilt though.
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Re: Fashion advice (of sorts)

Post by crfriend »

Generally speaking, t-shirts and the ilk tend to be left untucked, and dress shirts tend to get tucked in.

If that's the case, would some kind soul please tell me where the current fad of "half out and half in" came from or even got started. It seems like that's the worst of both worlds, not the best...
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Re: Fashion advice (of sorts)

Post by hiddenheels »

I would probably pair a more formal top with those skirts, and not a t-shirt. And tuck them in. Think the skirt is too formal for a t-shirt. It is a nice skirt though!
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Re: Fashion advice (of sorts)

Post by skirtyscot »

Hiddenheels is spot on.
Keep on skirting,

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Re: Fashion advice (of sorts)

Post by Kirbstone »

Skirt length is perfectly OK, but preferably with a more formal top. However, when wearing so tight a design with tucked shirt/blouse the perceptible willie isn't hidden.
PW is expected under shorts or trews, but with a tight skirt I'd select unmentionables to hide it. To facilitate this I tend to wear flared skirt designs, but that's just me.

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Re: Fashion advice (of sorts)

Post by tesjolts »

Hi Epiceneguy,
it depends. If I tuck it in, like if I'm wearing a business shirt or maybe polo t-shirt I prefer to also wear a belt with my skirt. I just hate empty belt holes (on pants too)

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Re: Fashion advice (of sorts)

Post by Pdxfashionpioneer »

Hi Epicene,

As others have said, that T-shirt and skirt do not go together AT ALL. That said, somehow the T-shirt looks better tucked in and bloused as you wore it. It's a nice, professional skirt, so message T's have no business being paired with it.

I usually tuck my tops into my skirts, but then again, I rarely wear T-shirts with my skirts.
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