New Skirts - really Torrid, you might say.....

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New Skirts - really Torrid, you might say.....

Post by Darryl »

With my heavy cardio I've been reorganizing my midsection a bit and figure I'll have to replace a few skirts before they slide off while I'm walking down the street.
Black 5 Pocket Ponte Midi.png
I already had a couple of items from Torrid and unlike Lane Bryant they actually had some in the catalog that I liked at a really good Closeout/Clearance price. Most going for about $21 and normally in the $45-$59 range.

Unfortunately I can only wear one at a time. Wore the black 5-pocket midi last Friday to a lunch meeting and wore the black textured knit mini to work today. A tall, lovely blonde lady had a comment about some side wrinkles in my long-sleeve dress shirt....but she likes to pick on me and I like having her pick on me, so I count it a wash.

Been wearing the charcoal grey fleece foldover around the house to determine if I'd risk it outdoors. The houndsstooth plaid will likely be my choice tomorrow, depending on the weather.

I will visit Lane Bryant and Torrid and maybe a couple other places to see if I can find some good fitting ankle boots with no more than a 1" heel or flats.
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Re: New Skirts - really Torrid, you might say.....

Post by new2skirts »

All the skirts look good. I like your shoes in the first photo :mrgreen:
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Re: New Skirts - really Torrid, you might say.....

Post by JeffB1959 »

Nice choices, though I don’t bother with using pockets.
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