Getting found out - sorta???

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Re: Getting found out - sorta???

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Ok, getting closer. Had a trip out of state (medical for a family member), then my mom had to help a relative in a different state for two weeks... didn't want to burden her with all sorts of worries she might have whilst away. I'm great at finding excuses. So this gives me a little less than 2 weeks to figure out what I'm going to say.

One little thing that gave me some insight unexpectedly. I was commenting to my sister how much I liked blood oranges, and she replied (shouted!),"You only like blood oranges because they are different." She said this jokingly, but seriously. They DO have a sweeter taste than regular oranges... but she isn't wrong. I mean, I think I eat them because they are red :P and not like "regular" oranges.

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