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General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Postive Wife Support

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I read several posts where wives are opposed to their guy wearing skirts. My wife totally supports my wearing skirts and compliments me on how they look and which are her favorites. I am wearing a light green golf skirt and dark green polo shirt today. She looked at me and said she likes this skirt and how well it goes with my shirt. She asked me to turn around and said it looks nice. I wear skirts nearly everywhere and she is with me quite often. Several of my skirts used to be skorts but I always remove the inner liner shorts. It defeats the purpose of a skirt and it is much easier to use the bathroom without the inner shorts. I prefer black underwear as it would be less obvious if I flashed when getting in to and out of a vehicle or a seat in a restaurant.

Still, no adverse comments, giggles, or stares. I do get compliments from women and have been hit on twice.

I have been wearing skirts for a few years, but not as openly as I do now. I have worn them hiking for years, but lately I wear them everywhere except when visiting relatives or a few other places.

I'm spreading the word.

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