How old were you . . . . ?

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by Spirou003 »

I think I didn't really ask anybody nor myself about why there were no boy wearing skirt. I had most probably something else in mind. But it's almost sure I thought girls wear them lovely... and of course as I never seen any boy in skirt (except maybe a few times in some furtive pictures of fashion show, which I always found weird) up to one year ago I made the obvious association skirt <-> girl.

For me, skirting "started" when I was 26 after receiving one from my brother. He just found an abandoned bag with clean clothes, skirt being inside, and gave me all this for me to start sewing (fun fact: I didn't touch all these clothes to learn it!). I tried the skirt just like that (and also to prove my theory that the skirt would be the only one bag's garment to fit me). I was alone with nobody to blame/shame me so it was a good occasion. But I won't wear skirt anymore for a long time, because of some very peculiar reasons especially from my friend and my father :(
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by phathack »

I guess I was 47-48 when I first tried a skirt.
Now at 59 and semiretired, I wear a skirt to dress daily. I think I have put on pants maybe 3 times so far in 2020.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by skirtingtoday »

I first tried on some of my sisters skirts when I was around 15-16 years old - it was at the time if the shortest Mary Quant miniskirts which my sister looked fabulous in. It was always when I was alone in the house.
Never thought about wearing skirts until I was 50, when I had a ceilidh to go to and hired a kilt for the occasion.
I bought my own kilt shortly thereafter but it was some years later before I thought about wearing skirts again, mainly due to this and another similar site.

When I did buy another skirt, it was a short denim miniskirt through ebay. And then I first wore it in public, my heart was thumping but I realised that nobody really bothered at all. The demons were all in my own head!
I still don't have many skirts but enjoy wearing them when I can.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by mishawakaskirt »

I shared something similar before. I couldn't tell you where or when or what thread it is in.

This is the condensed version.

I discovered skirts in my early to mid teens some time, it has been so long I can't remember exactly what age or year to be specific.

Safe to say I have been wearing them for 25 plus years.
I consider myself fortunate to have discovered them at such a early time In my life. I also consider myself being cursed for discovering skirts. I have had to endure 25 years of underground skirting. I have never been able to totally open up to the people I love the most, or my closest friends. While I have tested the water. I never could tell any of them.
My wife knows, I told her when we were dating, long before we ever got engaged.

So like I said blessed/ cursed at the same time.
I wouldn't want it any other way. Well maybe with out the heart aches. I wouldn't change discovering skirts at the age when I did.

Back story. My first skirt was one of my mom's, that I borrowed occasionally. Until I got my driver's license, and freedom that comes with it. Then within a few months I bought my first skirt and dress. I determined I am not a big fan of dresses, proportions are way off in some way or another. No did I like the low cut neck lines. so I just adhere to wearing skirts. In 2015 I did buy my first kilt. Knee length and longer Skirts are still my favorite.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by 6ft3Aussie »

This has been discussed on another thread. Not objecting at all though.

I remember being interested in the skirts that the girls wore when I was probably 14 to 15 years old, and I remember noting when I saw one of the girls from the school I went to still wearing her uniform out of school hours. The girls winter uniform had a Napier tartan kilt which I remember thought looked good.
It wasn't until I was about 25 when I was in the Solomon Islands when I bought a couple of lavalavas (sarongs) that we wore when we were there, that was probably the start of my skirt wearing.

I'm lucky enough that my wife accepts and is happy about my sarongs/utility kilts etc, although I don't think she'd be quite so enthusiastic if I was to wear a feminine skirt or dress.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by steamman »

I was 44 when I discovered skirts. I'd been wearing high heels on and off since my mid 20s (in public) but for some reason, I never thought about extending it to include a skirt. No idea why, despite the fact I'd made the leap of saying that I could wear whatever footwear I fancied. It was only out of curiosity through finding this website that I discovered that there were plenty of men out there that wear skirts. It took me a while to take the plunge, probably because I wasn't sure what styles of skirts I was interested in. I eventually found a denim maxi on eBay that took my fancy and I decided to go for it. First time I tried it on I knew it was right, almost as if it was the missing part of the jigsaw. Within a few days, I wore it to Sainsbury's with a pair of knee high boots. Absolutely amazing experience and i've been hooked ever sense.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by johnb »

I think I might have already posted something about this here before, in one thread of other. However around about 2008, when I would have been 57yrs I joined a Naturist walking group. You needed to have a garment that you could use as a quick cover up. Whilst some used shorts, there is a problem in putting them on quickly especially if you have muddy walking boots. I found some old camouflage material at home (originally used a a sort of play tent by my son) and my wife's friend made a wrap around skirt, which fastened with press studs. It served its purpose very well.

That introduce me to the pleasures of skirt wearing. Several home made wraparounds (by my wife's friend) followed made with different materials, as well as four utility type kilts, and a number of conventional skirts in a growing collection over the subsequent years.

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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by Kirbstone »

Forty three. In 1985 I embarked on some postgraduate study in London which required me to be away from home during the week days, going home just at at weekends. I occupied an attic cubicle in a large hall of residence and it got pretty hot up there for much of the year.

I had a limited wardrobe with me which did not include shorts and one day I spied a navy mini with a central box pleat in front with a scarlet reveal. I bought it and it fitted perfectly, falling to some 5" above the knee, like shorts. The coolness afforded by it made hours of study much more bearable and I supplemented it quickly with another in light blue.

I was hooked and have been wearing them ever since.

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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by dillon »

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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by New-in-Skirts »

I was in my 30's about 40 years ago. I was living and working in Northern Wisconsin at the time. My wife's mother lived about an 8 hr drive away in Iowa. Several times during the year she and the kids would go see her mother leaving me home. I did have to work. The wife was about 5'1" or 5'2" she had a couple of what were popular in the day wrap around skirts. They would tie around the waist. She usually took one with her and left one at home. I tried it on when I was able to. Fit good around the waist kind of short just at or above the knees. I didn't have the nerve to wear it out as it was a small town but did enjoy wearing it around the house on my day off or in the evening. From that point I always had the thought of what it would be like to wear a skirt out in public.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by Faldaguy »

I'm not sure it counts, but 'swapping' clothes with the neighborhood girl when preschool but exploring may have been the first; then a box of clothes when about 8 opened more opportunities and experiences but without much thought given to things. Later, challenges by younger sisters to mimic their ballet exercise and fun dress up but not any real connection to an appreciation for skirts per se. Early 20's brought a wrap-around cover-up for swim wear from my wife; with another as a gift several years later that was the first time I think it really registered that the skirt offered so much convenience and comfort. Probably not until my 40's did I find (make) some opportunities to wear a robe, skirt etc. occasionally; and our arrival in Hawaii opened the door more with the lavalava, as did travels to Pacific Island nations. But frankly, not until retirement did I extend my skirt wearing to more public venues and even then with all the trepidations so frequently voiced here by 'first-timers' as I worried about what bosses, clients, customers; and then the 'mean ole public' might think/do -- but I got past that pretty quickly and went from part-time, mostly at home, to full time everywhere.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by Happy-N-Skirts »

I had a girl friend in high school and we traded clothes. It was a lot of fun. Another time she dressed me up in her clothes including a wig and some make up. We went on a date to a restaurant and a museum. We broke up and she moved away and I never did it again until 11 years ago when I was recovering from surgery and pants hurt in the groin area. We went across the country on a plane and I was hurting. I wore a skirt on the return trip and on the entire trip by car. I continue wearing skirts nearly all the time.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by Sinned »

Now that I'm back at work I'd agreed with MOH that I would wear a skirt on odd numbered days and shorts/trousers on even numbered days. Today I put shorts on and MOH told me to put a skirt on. She seems to understand now that I do prefer a skirt as being more comfortable. Of course, I complied. Whether this is a new tolerance it's early days yet.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by denimini »

Sinned wrote:
Tue Jun 16, 2020 10:32 am
Now that I'm back at work I'd agreed with MOH that I would wear a skirt on odd numbered days and shorts/trousers on even numbered days. Today I put shorts on and MOH told me to put a skirt on. She seems to understand now that I do prefer a skirt as being more comfortable. Of course, I complied. Whether this is a new tolerance it's early days yet.
I guess it depends on the shorts. I have seen shorts that would cause a card carrying, macho guy to favour a skirt. Good strategy :)
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by Happy-N-Skirts »

Have you heard of Ranger Panties? They are the PT (Physical Training) shorts worn by the U.S. Army Rangers. They are very skimpy light weight nylon shorts. Google them. Rangers in training wear them proudly with distinction. My son is a major in a Ranger unit. They also wear a maroon beret and the other soldiers wear a black one, except for the green beret worn by the Special Forces.
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