How old were you . . . . ?

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by tesjolts »

Happy-N-Skirts wrote: My skirts are "masculine", meaning stealthy and resemble shorts. I have no desire to cross dress, etc.

That was my early experience dressing up. I hope I never "recover."
Great story. I also prefer masculine looking skirts, but have some difficulty when wearing pleated kilts and trying to sit down on them and making a mess. Denim skirts are good but then have the exposure problem when sitting down. I don´t get that with a utilikilt.

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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by dillon »

I had my first urges toward non-binary engendered clothing when I was 13, and explored alternative dressing during my college years, including ballet classes, which led me to a liberating relationship with a small local modern dance company in Raleigh in the early 1980s. At that point, it was about managing my denial. It required opening my mind. But actually wearing skirts came much later. When I used to take my then-small children to the community pool, I found myself frequently walking back home, kids in tow, with a towel wrapped about myself like a skirt. That small act filled me with a sense of mixed relief and adventure. That led a few years later to actual skirts. So that was in my late forties. Now I’m skirted more often than not.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by 6ft3Aussie »

For me, I think I was probably 14-15 or thereabouts when I started to be interested in skirts, but around 25 I actually bought a lavalava when I was in the Solomon Islands.

Nowdays I have a couple of utility kilts and often wear sarongs around the house especially during our 6 months of summer which we just started.
My wife likes it!
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by Uncle Al »

6ft3Aussie wrote:Nowdays I have a couple of utility kilts and often wear sarongs around the
house especially during our 6 months of summer which we just started.
My wife likes it!
( I've highlighted the best part :D )

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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by BobM »

Came home from the hospital in a dress, and didn't have a pair of pants till kindergarten at age 5. Then just a kilt now and then. I was 12 when I next put on a skirt, and the rest is history. Of course such was not at all acceptable 60 years ago. I finally said to hell with it and went public in the late 70's. Wife of many years approves and sonetimes offers fashion advice. We are going to the Charlotte Fashion Mall on Friday, and certainly won't be wearing pants!
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by Epiceneguy »

I accepted that skirts and dresses are for me about two years ago when I brought a simple black mini skirt from Primark, before that I had a school girl outfit I'd wear for fun (don't ask, lol) and found that I really enjoyed wearing the skirt without the rest of the outfit, prior to this I was about 12 or 13 when I 'borrowed' some of my sisters clothes in particular a bridesmaid dress that she once wore and loved the feeling of it, it felt quite natural but I put all my desires to wear dresses aside for several years until I got my school skirt :wink:
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by Hendy »

I have worn them on and off since I was 16 but always in secluded locations. A few months ago I opened up to my wife and it took me over 24 years of marriage to do so. I'm currently 49 and wearing more and more, with less and less regard to conformance.

My wife accepts it in private (as long as she doesn't see me) but venturing outdoors outdoors with a skirt on doesn't phase me but for her (and many others) its still not "acceptable".

To say this is extremely frustrating is an understatement, its a piece of clothing which is both comfortable and stylish and I find myself challenging the "acceptance" more and more regardless of consequences and Im sure many members of the forum do the same.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by moonshadow »

crfriend wrote:
Sun Nov 10, 2019 1:26 pm
In the early 2000s, with most of my elders gone, the idea returned once again -- and this time I was able to actually execute on it
Yes, the decision to so something so bold does come easier when you don't have to worry about backlash from family elders.

Though mine are still mostly among the living, I'm far enough away geographically that it seems to help. Granted, my mother does know (and likewise does not approve) but there are several counties between us, so it's not like we're running into one another at the grocery store...

As for dad, our relationship is all but severed anyway, and skirts had nothing to do with it (he doesn't know to my knowledge), rather it seems that in pretty much all accounts, we have taken different paths in life.

Anyway, to get back on topic, my answer is around 33 +/- (about seven or eight years ago)

That's when I donned a ritual robe for the first time (no pants underneath) and felt the comfort and freedom therein. A few years later I trekked that robe deep into the woods and was taken by the style and comfort.

The rest of the ice wouldn't be broken until I observed male hikers come through my old Town of Damascus VA on the A.T. wearing skirts and sometimes dresses!

The rest is history...
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by KiltedintheValley »

I first tried on a skirt one summer when I was about 8 or 9 years old (sometime in the mid 1980's). We were doing some play-acting at a friends house, and I wanted to wear a skirt. I loved it! The feeling of that skirt on a warm summer day was amazing! However, once my parents found out what I had done, I was made to feel ashamed for wearing "girl clothes".

Fast forward to 2006. I bought my first kilts that year. It took some time for my wife to accept my kilts, but she eventually did. I now have 6 kilts and 5 skirts (that is more skirts than my wife has :D ). Outside of work, I have only worn pants/jeans just a few times in the past year. There is nothing more comfortable than wearing a skirt after being caged in pants all day!

My wife isn't as accepting of my skirts as she is of my kilts. I just keep reminding her a kilt is just another skirt!
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by Kilted_John »

First time would've been when I was around 3 or 4. So, sometime in the late 1970s. Didn't like it at that time, probably because both my mother and sister were pointing and laughing after putting me in an old dress that my sister wore when she was my age. Guess the dress didn't look right with the brown boots that I wore back then. First time I tried one on my own was in '91. Found that there was a skirt left on the dryer at our old house, so slid it on to try it out. Liked the comfort.

In late 2000, I switched from long trousers to shorts as my usual attire, finding them more comfortable, even in the winter. A few months later, bought an ex-MOD MacKenzie kilt off the 'bay, and figured I'd lose weight to fit into it. I kinda doubt I would've been able to shrink 10" off my waist to have fit it. Anyway, after buying that, I eventually decided to try out skirts again. Bought a few in early February 2002 at a thrift store, as well as a dark brown knee-length number off eBay. Started wearing publicly on February 14th, 2002. Family didn't like it at the time (took them about 10 years to realize that it really wasn't that big of a deal), but sorta accepted tartan kilts when I started wearing those in August of that year. A couple years later, got my first UK from a former member here. Then, soon afterward, started working for Utilikilts for a few months. I still did wear normal skirts, frequently as a slip under the wool kilts to make them more comfortable.

In the summer of 2009, it got too warm for kilt wearing, so I started wearing lightweight skirts in public again. Also discovered that I became less of a "sore thumb", so I could take care of business without being stopped every few minutes by someone who wanted to know if the highland games were going on, or where I came from, etc. Liked that. So, I relegated the tartan kilts to special wear only, and last wore one in 2011. Not sure if I want to go back. I know that one of the 9 yarders I own would fit me, but, I have zero desire to wear it.

In 2013, I started wearing dresses again. Mainly around the house as sleepwear, but eventually started wearing a couple out, but usually covered up, so they looked like skirts. Took a couple years to get to the point where I'd be bare shouldered in public, although, not while going into stores or into restaurants, etc... But, while driving, etc, yes. For the past four years, when I've been doing a solo roadtrip somewhere, I've been either in a dress, or a top and skirt combo. Over the past year or so, especially after I started having the fur on my back removed every 5-6 weeks, I've started regularly going out and running errands bare shouldered. And, now, with the virus, I do it all the time. I *rarely* have a sleeved garment on when I'm in public. I suspect that, once the virus passes, the only times I will be sleeved will be with family, at a couple places in the area, or when I'm employed again. If I decide to start dating, I probably will be wearing a dress (as a guy, of course), since they're the perfect bozo filter. Even better than a skirt or a kilt.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by Pdxfashionpioneer »

The first time I wore a dress was at my baptism, but I have no real memory of it.

Later, when I was in 2nd grade, so I would have been 7. I wore one of my sister's old costumes on Halloween and LOVED it.

From then on, it was a very guilty desire/pleasure that I only indulged in in secret. It's probably one of those things that made me a nightowl.

As an undergraduate, it became such an obsession, I saw a psychiatrist at the Health Service for awhile. We really didn't get very far with that topic, but he assured me I would grow out of it. I didn't.

During my 20's and early 30's I dressed up as a woman a few times for Halloween, but was still feeling very guilty about my desire to wear womenswear so I went back to therapy while I was getting my Master's degree so I could root out that desire. Instead, I wound up joining a group of crossdressers just before I graduated!

Twenty years later my 3rd wife convinced me that crossdressing was consuming my life and eating me from inside so, I tried hypnotism. That actually stopped the behavior in its tracks and suppressed the desire. Our marriage failed anyway. Ten years later we separated. During our separation I slipped back into wearing first Sheer Energy support hose as cycling tights, then an extra long hoodie as a sort of male dress and finally an honest to God maxidress from Costco.

The Skirt Cafe was a huge help in making that move. It showed me that I wasn't the only guy in the world who wanted to wear skirts in public while presenting as a male, but them some were able to do so in public without any real consequence.

My breakout moment was the first time I wore a dress to church. I felt one of the older and most respected gentlemen in the congregation spoke for everyone when he said, "Thank you for trusting us enough to show us your genuine self." That really struck me; all the more so since I hadn't thought of it that way. That became a primary reason for me to keep pushing the boundaries; so I feel comfortable with my genuine self and to be a living example to others that they too can live their truth not matter how far out of the box it may be.

Shortly after that first foray to church in a dress I celebrated my 65th birthday by riding in the Portland Bridge Pedal, an annual event where they close the intracity bridges to automobile traffic and thousands of bicyclists follow prescribed routes to cross up to as many as all of them. In the evening, two of the women from church made me a great roast beef dinner and along with a married couple from church I had one of the best, if not the best, birthday celebrations of my life!
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by Happy-N-Skirts »

I have written about how I began wearing skirts before, so I hope I am not too redundant. I am a typical U.S. Male, married, kids, grandchildren. I had a major groin operation with a very long and painful recovery. Prior to the surgery I met a patient in the doctor's waiting room who was there for a post op exam. He advised me to buy some women's underwear and skirts for comfort. I went shopping and met a very enlightended sales person in Penney's who helped me select sizes, styles, fabrics, that would fit and be comfortable. I bought two pull on skirts with elastic waists that resembled shorts as much as possible. I enjoyed trying on several items while a sales lady stood outside of the fitting room. I decided I would model for her and followed her around the department to show me more of the choices. I believe she showed me everything in the store and she shared stories about how many male customers she has helped. She told me her husband wore women's underwear and her skirts around the house and in the yard. That gave me a lot of confidence and comfort. I was a "stranger in paradise." I wore these items and began shopping online and discovering various skirt styles and shapes. I would shop for "masculine" skirts for hiking and sports. I have acquired several camouflage, denim, khaki, and others that resembled shorts as much as possible. I would remove the inner shorts of skorts as I liked the freedom of no inner shorts and liked the breeze under my skirt and the air conditioning while driving. Actually pants hurt. We flew across country and I wore shorts on the plane and was very uncomfortable with the the inseam pressing me. I was sure to wear a skirt on the return trip and while touring the places we visited. I was amazed how no one seemed to notice or care, and anyone who did see me was very positive and supportive. Skirts are very practical and without the inner shorts it was much easier to pee. I am fond of outdoor activities and we visit state and national parks, nature preserves, historical sites, and hiking on trails. My wife and I have some matching skirts which makes it even more fun. We like to travel and I enjoy wildlife photography. Skirts add to the enjoyment for unlimited stride, ventilation, freedom, and comfort. Technically I am fully recovered from my surgery, but there is scar tissue that is sensitive to stretching when getting in and out of a car or chair, and very uncomfortable from pressure from the inseam. It is a lot easier to make adjustments when driving. All of my neighbors have seen me in skirts and are used to it. Some envy me for having the guts to wear skirts.

The first time I saw men wearing skirts was while in college a guy wore a kilt. He was a member of a Scottish band and played drums and was dressed for an event for that night and weekend. I met and spoke with a man at the gym who wore a tee shirt that said, "Got Kilt?" That started an interesting discussion which I now fully understand. I had belonged to a shooting organization where various teams wore uniforms or costumes related to the unit they represented. Now, if a guy were to wear a kilt to a shooting competition or in a gun store, that would take some fortitude. They told me the shock doesn't last long and no one makes any comments. I was too shy at the time but I was asked to join their team several times as my marksman skills were noticed and they needed a good shot on their team. I am sorry now as I have missed a great opportunity to wear a kilt, but also to have the companionship of their members. The guys on my team were not as close knit and only average shots. Every conversation usually includes the popular question about what would men wear under a skirt. I just say "underwear" as I believe it is good hygiene and quip about "the last drop", etc. We belong to an off road exploring club and I need to sacrifice by wearing pants because I don't want to be the only guy in a skirt at a 4WD event. I like to wear a kilt or a skirt on St. Patrick's Day and Halloween. People ask if I am Scottish. I tell them no, "I just like to wear skirts whenever I can." We visited Universal Studios where a lot of people wore some extreme fashion statements and I brought a skirt but decided not to wear it. Shortly after we arrived we saw a guy with his wife and kids and he was wearing a kilt. I spoke with him and wish I had have worn mine. My kilts are actually short plaid skirts. I have some kilts but think they are too heavy and not as comfortable. No one has ever commented on not an actual kilt.

I have a good skirt collection and have found the best places and web sites to shop for skirts and accessories. I have some panty hose and leggings which I rarely wear. I like to wear knee high stockings over my socks when hiking to avoid insects and stickers. I had an insect bite on my ankle that became infected and required surgery to cut out the infected part. Marines in Vietnam wore panty hose to prevent leeches from attaching when wading across rivers. Men who are exposed to cold weather such as utility workers and policemen wear panty hose. I probably will bring some panty hose to wear under my pants for hunting. I usually wear pants and larger military camo trousers with suspenders for warmth and to keep mud off of my pants.

The only draw backs to wearing skirts are minor such as getting in and out of a car, sitting without exposing too much, or worrying about what someone might think. I have been pulled over by police and needed to get out of my vehicle because I keep my wallet in a shoulder bag which I keep behind the driver's seat. The officer didn't say a word or seem to notice. I live in the desert, so there are people who find themselves stuck in the sand or need some other assistance. It is very dangerous to be imobilized in our climate and people die of exposure every year. I have a lot of emergency equipment and have helped a lot of people while wearing a skirt. Sometimes it requires that I bend over to connect a tow strap or something else. I have never had a remark from anyone I have helped. I never bring it up about what I am wearing.

As a kid I never had a desire to try on a skirt and was not interested in wearing any of my mother or sister's clothes. There was one time in high school where my girl friend dressed me in her clothes and a wig for a Halloween party. I did enjoy it but didn't tell anyone just how much I liked it. We went to a restaurant and I was paranoid that I would be too noticed. I think everyone thought I was a girl. I got some glances and I thought I was being discovered, but I later concluded that I was being admired as a pretty girl. It was very interesting how the skirt fit and I felt like I was wearing underwear and nothing else. It felt very good. I never wanted to try again until after the operation to ease the pain and suffering. Now I only wear shorts or pants when I have to.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by Stu »

In my case, it would have been in my forties. Most of the time, I find trousers way more convenient and comfortable, but it's nice to have an alternative on the odd occasion I feel like a change, such as on a warm day when i intend to be lazy, read, picnic in my garden/at the beach/in the park, whatever.

I also see this as a men's rights issue.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by Brad »

I remember entering kindergarten and noticing that the girls wore skirts or shorts but the boys only wore shorts. I asked my parents why and they said because that's the way it is. I remember as early as 8 years old wanting to wear skirts. Our Social studies textbook had a picture of a man from another continent wearing a skirt type garment and I was thinking why couldn't I wear one. I was fascinated that the girls were required to wear skirts to school and I could not. When I was about 13, I used to take skirts and tights from my sisters closet and try them on. I didn't start wearing in public until I was 18.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by Grok »

Brad wrote:
Tue May 26, 2020 11:48 am
I remember entering kindergarten and noticing that the girls wore skirts or shorts but the boys only wore shorts. I asked my parents why and they said because that's the way it is.
I recall wondering about this as a boy, but never actually asked anybody why. No explanation was ever volunteered by anybody, and I now suspect that it would have been that lame-"that's the way it is".
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