How old were you . . . . ?

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by tesjolts »

Happy-N-Skirts wrote: My skirts are "masculine", meaning stealthy and resemble shorts. I have no desire to cross dress, etc.

That was my early experience dressing up. I hope I never "recover."
Great story. I also prefer masculine looking skirts, but have some difficulty when wearing pleated kilts and trying to sit down on them and making a mess. Denim skirts are good but then have the exposure problem when sitting down. I don´t get that with a utilikilt.


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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by dillon »

I had my first urges toward non-binary engendered clothing when I was 13, and explored alternative dressing during my college years, including ballet classes, which led me to a liberating relationship with a small local modern dance company in Raleigh in the early 1980s. At that point, it was about managing my denial. It required opening my mind. But actually wearing skirts came much later. When I used to take my then-small children to the community pool, I found myself frequently walking back home, kids in tow, with a towel wrapped about myself like a skirt. That small act filled me with a sense of mixed relief and adventure. That led a few years later to actual skirts. So that was in my late forties. Now I’m skirted more often than not.
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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by 6ft3Aussie »

For me, I think I was probably 14-15 or thereabouts when I started to be interested in skirts, but around 25 I actually bought a lavalava when I was in the Solomon Islands.

Nowdays I have a couple of utility kilts and often wear sarongs around the house especially during our 6 months of summer which we just started.
My wife likes it!

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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

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6ft3Aussie wrote:Nowdays I have a couple of utility kilts and often wear sarongs around the
house especially during our 6 months of summer which we just started.
My wife likes it!
( I've highlighted the best part :D )

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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by BobM »

Came home from the hospital in a dress, and didn't have a pair of pants till kindergarten at age 5. Then just a kilt now and then. I was 12 when I next put on a skirt, and the rest is history. Of course such was not at all acceptable 60 years ago. I finally said to hell with it and went public in the late 70's. Wife of many years approves and sonetimes offers fashion advice. We are going to the Charlotte Fashion Mall on Friday, and certainly won't be wearing pants!

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Re: How old were you . . . . ?

Post by Epiceneguy »

I accepted that skirts and dresses are for me about two years ago when I brought a simple black mini skirt from Primark, before that I had a school girl outfit I'd wear for fun (don't ask, lol) and found that I really enjoyed wearing the skirt without the rest of the outfit, prior to this I was about 12 or 13 when I 'borrowed' some of my sisters clothes in particular a bridesmaid dress that she once wore and loved the feeling of it, it felt quite natural but I put all my desires to wear dresses aside for several years until I got my school skirt :wink:
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