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Just got back from a weekend in London with the hottest day of the year. It was great to keep cool by wearing a skirt all weekend so my question is, why would women, who could wear skirts a lot easy than us men choose to walk round trussed up in trousers/jeans? :?
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Re: Why?

Post by denimini »

That is a very difficult question for a man to answer. I can only surmise that it is to lose weight by sweating it off.
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Re: Why?

Post by mishawakaskirt »

I have often wondered the same question. I see alot of women in denim jeans on the hottest of days.
In Speculation it could be they are self conscience about her legs. Scar, birthmark, stretch marks, varicose veins, forgot or didn't have time to shave.
My sister went with me to our county Fair last year in jeans because she said she had not the time to shave her legs.
I told her be a rebel and go hairy and all.

I'm thinking that question should be best answered by women, anyone want to ask some? They typically don't bite. Unless you tell them they can't wear trousers then they might.

The comment on the shaven legs made me think of a sightings in the wild.
It's been some time ago. Last year sometime.
I saw a girl/young woman maby 15 to 18 years old out with her father eating in one of our favorite restaurants. I don't remember if she had shorts or a skirt on now. But I do remember she had hairy legs.
An unusual sight, I'm not talking haven't shaved in a few weeks stubble, I'm saying full on never shaved or its been a year + longer.
Nothing wrong with it, just unusual for someone her age.

I have shaved my legs on two occasions, hated it both times, and the growing out especially.
I firmly believe that anything that I would ask someone to do I would have to be willing to do. I told my Wife that shaving legs is a pain, and told her she can choose not to if she wants. She still gives into the social pressures and keeps shaving her legs.
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Re: Why?

Post by new2skirts »

For some girls it's the freedom trousers bring - which may be an odd thing for us getting our heads around - being able to 'sit like a man' without fear of being upskirted, the hassle of finding tights or stockings that don't have any runs in them, shaving legs, what shoes, bag to go with the skirt, is the skirt so tight there's VPL, will some crazy guy make an advance on them for wearing a skirt etc... being called out for wewring something too short etc...

For guys where trousers are the default - save for shorts, or perhaps a kilt for a wedfing or function, we wonder why on earth they would choose trousers, but I guess that's another reason why...
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Re: Why?

Post by K_Highlander »

I was in Amsterdam last week on holiday and there were a LOT of skirts.
Definitely many of them were tourists, but a large number seemed to women on their way to work.
What was interesting was the number of women riding bicycles with skirts or dresses.
Not fancy but very practical skirts and dresses.

I was jealous!

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Re: Why?

Post by Kirbstone »

Yes and they ride proper high-nelly-style bikes with proper mudguards and a guard on the rear wheel for skirts. So sensible.

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Re: Why?

Post by Gusto10 »

Kirbstone wrote:Yes and they ride proper high-nelly-style bikes with proper mudguards and a guard on the rear wheel for skirts. So sensible.

Those High Nelly bikes will be pinched as first. In general run down bikes are used so one can find his bike back.

There are many attornies offices in Amsterdam, especially Amsterdam South (Zuid-As), the skirt is there a part of the "uniform". You will see often many skirts in business styles, same colours. When conferring with their male counterparts, they will also sport a coat and dark sheos. Often the coulor of these skirt suites will be grey or blue, like their male collegues.

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