Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

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Re: Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Postby dillon » Sat May 04, 2019 1:40 am

partlyscot wrote:Scooters, or apron skirts, no. I used to think the same about actual skirt/short combos, but have since changed my mind. IF, the undershort, is suitable. By that I mean stretchy, like a boxer brief, and they usually need a little tailoring. My previous objection was that as they integrated underwear, they required daily washing, and that would mean needing more, and was thus in my mind, inefficient. Since I've ended up buying more than I need, also too many skirts, then it's not a problem, as they are almost always very easy wash. As they are shorter than I normally wear, the security against exposure is reassuring, even if there is no functional difference to the usual arrangement.

That’s a problem if you treat the shorts like underwear, it requires daily laundering. I wear something else beneath, usually a jock or thong or dance belt.
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Re: Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Postby nzfreestyler » Sat May 25, 2019 1:33 am


I'd say yes for the concept as a short skirt lookalike. I have 2 skorts, but they are short like short shorts.
I like that they look like a mini skirt and can go higher hemline without the practical problems of a fitted skirt with higher hemline.

You can safely wear a very high hemline... and its like short shorts on your bottom.
That's why I choose the skort - for modesty.

I don't have any longer/baggy skorts - mine are very short, ie the hemline is level with thumbs - or a little higher.
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