Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Post by Skirted at hom »

I was out shopping looking for a denim skirt in white and or khaki. Walked into the store and thought I found what I was looking for. As I looked closer it turned out to be a skort. I liked it but really wasn't sure if it was what I was looking for at the moment. I decided that I would continue looking but yet the deal was a good one buy one at regular price a 2nd for $10.00. I may reconsider as the sale ends this Saturday. Any thoughts from others.

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Re: Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Post by eightofnine »

if you like it you might as well buy it

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Re: Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Post by dillon »

For me it depends on the exact meaning of "skort." I always understood it to be a skirt with shorts built in beneath, and I have several of those, and wear them as often as I do common skirts. But apparently there is a second style that some call a "skort" which I would probably call "apron shorts." It is basically a pair of shorts with a flap of cloth hanging in front, covering about half or less of the front exposure. I don't have anything like that and am not interested in it.

I do have a Nike golf skort, which is actually a two-piece matching set, with the outer skirt separate from the matching underlying shorts. I like that one fine, as it enables me to lift my skirt and pull down the under-piece to use a urinal.

I have a couple skorts identified as "Office" and "Travel" skorts. These have a limited practicality relative to a common skirt, IMO, although I like both garments simply as individual garments, not because of the built-in short. I do find active/athletic/outdoor skorts useful and practical just because they reduce accidental revealings during outdoor work and activity. A man in a skirt has enough on his mind without worrying about every ungraceful movement, and we certainly don't need negative publicity even if resulting from an unintended misjudgement. An errant bend-over, rather than squat, to pick something up off the ground would likely go unspoken-of for a skirted woman, but perhaps not for a skirted man.
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Re: Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Post by Fred in Skirts »

I look at it this way If I am going to have pair of shorts on under the skirt I might as well be wearing pants and be done with it. I wear skirts for comfort and not as a political statement. Doing away with the crotch seam is for me one of the major reasons to wear skirts in the first place...

Just my 2 cents worth on the subject!!!

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Re: Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Post by K_Highlander »

Most of my skirts were skorts when I walked out of the store. However, as soon as I got home, I cut out the shorts.
The short time I wore them with the shorts, I found them to be uncomfortable.
As I my preference is solid color skirts about 18 to 19 inches long, I have had an easier time finding what I like by converting skorts.

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Re: Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Post by Jim »

I agree with Fred, as I wear a skirt mostly for comfort, not a fashion statement.

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Re: Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Post by Happy-N-Skirts »

I like skorts. I remove the inner shorts and I am fine. I recommend golf skorts.

The proportions of men and women are women's waists are not usually where women wear skirts, but rely on their hips. The result is when men are wearing skorts the inseam is not high enough to allow the waists to line up just right.

Golf Skorts don't have as much flare as an A Line and look more natural on a man. Mine fit above the knees with an elastic waist.

I also like scrub skirts that are always on sale and are cheap, like $10-$15. They have nice pockets and I prefer elastic rather than draw strings. They come in many colors.

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Re: Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Post by denimini »

As described previously, if you like the look it it (them?) you can always cut out the shorts ....... if it is not an apron skort.

A woman may want to maintain the tradition of a skirt in sport with the modesty of shorts. I personally see no sense in them for a man, who musters courage to wear something that breaks with convention without the benefits normally accorded. The exception may be as an alternative to bicycle shorts; perhaps not as aerodynamic but a better look on a man.
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Re: Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Post by STEVIE »

I'm really not trying to be obtuse but all clothing is a matter of personal preference.
It really does not matter what anyone else thinks, one man's meat does spring to mind.
Personally, the skort is a no for me but like I said, that doesn't matter.

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Re: Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Post by Skirted at hom »

I went back to the store again today and low and behold what I had look at previously was only Monday through Wednesday deal. What I found today was a deal Thursday through Sunday and I found something more to my liking. I found that white denim skirt along with along with a button down the front blue denim. Today was actually a better deal cost wise as well. They were 40% off but if you got two they were both 50% off. So two for the price of one couldn't pass that up.

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Re: Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Post by r.m.anderson »

The under short lining of the skort can be like a boxer undergear or with compression (bike) shorts.
With the boxer the hem length is apt to be around the knee -
With the compression shorts the hem length is probably at mid thigh -
In any event when doing clothing surgery care must be taken to only snip out the undergear -
Stay away from the waist band and use care around any pockets hidden in the seams -
If the price of the skort is what you would pay for a similar skirt and can't find that skirt
Buy the skort and then if necessary snip the shorts out.

In some sports having that inner short maybe beneficial to creature comfort and protection.

Skirts and Skorts both have a wide variety of colors patterns designs to please most anyone.

To give you an idea how popular skorts are search eBay and there are some 60k in auction.

Skorts with only a frontal apron are called scooters found mostly in kids wear.
"Kilt-On" -or- as the case may be "Skirt-On" !
Isn't wearing a kilt enough?
Well a skirt will do in a pinch!
Make mine short and don't you dare think of pinching there !

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Re: Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Post by JeffB1959 »

I tried skorts a few years ago and didn't like them. Too much material underneath which I found confining.
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Re: Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Post by Sinned »

Fred, I have a red skort which is a miniskirt with and inbuilt knicker and I love it and would like to get more but never see them for sale in the shops. So from that point of view if you wear underwear ( call them knickers, pants or whatever ) under your skirt then you can wear a skort and you shouldn't have anything against them. You're not wearing pants, which I take to mean trousers, at all. The only thing from your point of view is that skorts tend to be short and you prefer longer skirts.
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Re: Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Post by partlyscot »

Scooters, or apron skirts, no. I used to think the same about actual skirt/short combos, but have since changed my mind. IF, the undershort, is suitable. By that I mean stretchy, like a boxer brief, and they usually need a little tailoring. My previous objection was that as they integrated underwear, they required daily washing, and that would mean needing more, and was thus in my mind, inefficient. Since I've ended up buying more than I need, also too many skirts, then it's not a problem, as they are almost always very easy wash. As they are shorter than I normally wear, the security against exposure is reassuring, even if there is no functional difference to the usual arrangement.

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Re: Skorts: Yes, no or personal preference

Post by beachlion »

When I bought 5 skirts in a thrift shop recently, 3 of them were skorts. I tried them on but I did not like the feeling of the bottoms at all. So the shorts were cut loose and got a one-way ticket to the dustbin. When buying skirts in the thrift shop, I just used my tape measure to check the waist and the length. I then check the outside to see if it is in a wearable condition and if yes, I go to the register. I don't want a second layer of underware that is not in the same form as my normal version (very small).
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