Pray for sunshine and good weather

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Fred in Skirts
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Pray for sunshine and good weather

Post by Fred in Skirts »

As many of you know I live near Augusta Ga. And this time of the year the area is crawling with people running around a cow pasture chasing and hitting a little white ball while trying not to step in something.
It also brings out the crazies who think they know how to drive in the South (They Don't!!). So during this time I try my best to remain at home and not get out on the roads or go near shopping areas. Tooooo Many crazy people out there.
Since the weather is not to be the best the competition may end up going until next Tuesday, so my humble plea to all of you "PRAY FOR SUN SHINE!!!!!!"
Let the insanity end on Sunday!!!
I will continue to be skirted during the insanities, I know I will have to go into town one more time for a doctors appointment. :cry: :(
I will have to try and dodge the crazy, drunk, and Yankee drivers the best I can.
I hope to see you all again!! :(
Fred :kiltdance:

"The universal aptitude for ineptitude makes any human accomplishment an incredible miracle."

"It is better to be hated for what you are than be loved for what you are not" Andre Gide: 1869 - 1951

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Re: Pray for sunshine and good weather

Post by r.m.anderson »

All that fuss to wear a silly GREEN jacket that doesn't do a darn thing to match wearing a skirt kilt or anything in between.

YES pray for good weather - what I have had over the past 24 hours is a mix bag of everything in the atmosphere.

RAIN (and ain't all in Spain)
SNOW (ya that white stuff fluffy light in the autumn and heavy heart attack in the spring)
SLEET (certainly not a sleeting occasion)
SNERT (Snow with a mix of dirt)
ICE PELLETS (Miniature hail)
Just to name a few
and then to top it off
THUNDER SNOW (a thunder storm within a snow shower - all of the above with a potential of tornados)

It is calm right now waiting for the storm to come full circle and dumping another load.

Just remember and repeat after me - "Lions Tigers and Bears there is NO GLOBAL WARMING" !
"Kilt-On" -or- as the case may be "Skirt-On" !
Isn't wearing a kilt enough?
Well a skirt will do in a pinch!
Make mine short and don't you dare think of pinching there !

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Re: Pray for sunshine and good weather

Post by crfriend »

Fred in Skirts wrote:Let the insanity end on Sunday!!!
I feel for you Fred. t could be worse, though. You're stuck with the insanity and hype generated for The Grass-Growing Channel featuring Tiger Woods. It's all over the telly up North, as well. BUT, you might be shot of it come Sunday. I'll wish for sunny fair weather.

Contemplate what I went through during the 18 weeks of "March Madness" with all of the inane focus on schoolboy basketball (which is a mind-numbingly convoluted way to discover which set of punks is taller). That was all over the telly as well -- and I cannot seem to be able to convince the folks at my local that closed-captions and subtitles were meant for bars!

And don't get me started on the matter of televising talk radio. I am entirely sick of talking heads in green-rooms. The one redeeming virtue of that is that once in a great while, one of the technical underlings will put something creative on for the background without anybody noticing. On First Take a number of weeks ago the "windows" in the green-room clearly looked a bit "off" for modern New York City until I realised that I was looking at footage of the (now long gone) Twin Towers across the water. I sincerely hope that the prankster that perpetrated that still has his job! Or a moving backdrop on an episode in the late 2000s that showed 1970s Boston, which both my late ex- and I got a heck of a hoot out of. Or the one that's broadcast by a New England Sports News outlet supposedly hard against the Charles River on the Cambridge side with "windows" (in the green room) looking towards the Prudential Tower (which is an iconic Boston landmark) which omits a new skyscraper that's been built just about next door and which rivals its neighbours height.

As far as drunks on the road go, I am vastly more worried about the "multi-taskers" on their cell 'phones.
Retrocomputing -- It's not just a job, it's an adventure!

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Re: Pray for sunshine and good weather

Post by JeffB1959 »

Hello, friends! It’s time for the tradition like no other. :lol:

It’s only one weekend, Fred, I’m sure you’ll survive. Stay strong.
I don't want to LOOK like a woman, I just want to DRESS like a woman.

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Re: Pray for sunshine and good weather

Post by Kirbstone »

Ah yes, Fred. Spoken like a true Confederate!

In a little country where chasing after little white puck'd balls on foot is a National pastime we have almost continuous golf fairways from Dublin to Galway!
With us of course, changeable weather comes free of charge. When asked about Global warming and Climate Change we Irish say, let's have more of each.

I'm about to hire small wheels Stateside a couple of weeks from now, but I'll be a long way from the mad people in Carolina. Perhaps they have their own breed of cellphone drivers in North California.... :eye:

Carpe Diem......Seize the Day !

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