National Tartan Day Saturday April 6 2019

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Re: National Tartan Day Saturday April 6 2019

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The 6th of April was the date of the writing of the Scottish Declaration of Independence.
It took place at Arbroath Abbey in 1320. Americans chose to adopt the date as "National Tartan Day".
For the record it is the number of Americans who claim to have Scots ancestry which makes them the sixth largest racial/ethnic minority in the United States.
It has nothing to do with the original number of the Scots who emigrated.
I have little or no interest in the origins of plaid or tartan as I don't believe it has much relevance to modern day Scots life.
Finally, I will not justify my chosen attire to anyone unless I see a need for such action.


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Re: National Tartan Day Saturday April 6 2019

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Thank you Stevie ,for your explanation of National Tartan Day,.....
Have another nice day.........weeladdie

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