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General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Re: Skirts to dresses

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Pdxfashionpioneer wrote:
Thu May 28, 2020 11:17 am
To get back to the original question; my default outfit for ALL purposes: shopping, going to my wine bar, the movies, getting the car worked, going out, hanging out, church, even work is a dress.
As far as I’m concerned, Carl’s time line is completely whack. I toyed with going out in public in skirts that looked much like pants. LOTS of social opprobrium. Even from crossdressers. When I started going out in public in dresses, the only people who noticed were supportive. Well except for one stranger per year, my brother and his fundamentalist wife. That’s it.
Nonetheless, every time I went to another kind of place, I was scared. But nothing bad has happened. The world isn’t half the dark, scary, dangerous, ill-intentioned place we’re afraid it is. My fear at those times I attribute to the basic instinct of the fear of the unknown.
Most of the people you would expect to get upset at our unconventionality actually admire us, because they consider themselves to be unconventional so, they admire anyone who’s also got the guts to be unconventional.
So, if you want to wear a dress in public; just do it! You don’t need to be “on guard”; aware of your surroundings? Of course, but that’s true no matter where you are and however you’re dressed! Don’t be stupid about it nor impose yourself on others, but everywhere I would normally go, I go in a skirt or dress.
Wherever you go and whatever you wear, make sure you’re comfortable and confident in it. Or close enough thereto that you can put on a good appearance thereof.
Good luck. Have fun.
I must agree with the above, since I too go everywhere in a skirt or dress and do not worry about anything. I have not had any bad comments or things happen to me in all of the time I am out in the wild mixing with the great unwashed and uninformed.
To me skirts and dresses are just clothing and do not have a sexual element to them. They are just inanimate objects that I wear. :D :D
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Re: Skirts to dresses

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I always wear a skirt or a dress and I find people are ok with it.
I don't get any bad reactions or aggression etc.
I believe it is largely self confidence that you need to exude and you will be fine.

I don't think a dress is just for women, or is solely sexy - some dresses I wear do have a 'sexual tone' to them because of their styling/cut - lack of a back to the dress - or a plunged front etc - but that is the dress. Most dresses are fairly simple in the construction.

In some ways dresses are less revealing anyway as a lot of my tops are sheerer, some quite sheer - but my dresses are all almost all solid non see through fabric (well where there is fabric anyway). For instance a dress might have a scoop back but the front is solid vs a semi sheer top... which is more 'sexual' ? Debateable probably - but I don't think dresses are any more so than the separates I wear.

There are just so many styles of dresses - and colours too - so there is something to suit everyones tastes - and body shape.

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