To Kilt or not to kilt?

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To Kilt or not to kilt?

Postby STEVIE » Mon Feb 11, 2019 1:28 am

Dust wrote
“Yeah, the baggage and questions are why I've never worn a tartan kilt, and probably never will. Not even the one of the tartans that anyone can wear. It's also got me looking to move away from kilts in general, despite all the good aspects of it.”

This is actually a bit of a pity. The Kilt really can offer the majority of advantages of going skirted without the “stand-out” factor.
In reality, there is only one real rule and that is that there are no rules!
Yeah, sure you will have heard all about the so-called Kilt Police and all the Traditions which must be upheld on pain of eternal damnation. Worse still, you may just encounter some comment regarding your education and parentage being brought into question.
If you feel able to go public in a skirt and ignore the reactions around you there is no substantial reason not to do the same with a Kilt.
Just keep it civilised and believable, not a pantomime parody. The rest is at your own discretion and the only limit is your creativity.
Today, in Scotland, the vast majority of Kilt outfits are worn in conjunction with international football or rugby team colours. That is the extent to which the modern Scots have not enslaved themselves to the strictures of the Kilt. I don’t believe that any of the fans have been apprehended by the Kilt police for their style choices on any of these occasions either. Their task would be very easy as it the most recognisable style of dress in the world.
Now this begs a question. How many café patrons started their skirted journey with a Kilt or a kilt?
Alternatively, would you feel more comfortable going public kilted as opposed to skirted?
I only make one distinction the Kilt is the modern tartan or plaid Small Kilt, the Great Kilt is another subject.
The kilt is the UK or any other male garment in a kilted style.

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Re: To Kilt or not to kilt?

Postby Big and Bashful » Mon Feb 11, 2019 7:18 pm

My first public skirtery was in a kilt, then the thought of a skirt that didn't weigh half a ton, had pockets and did not cost hundreds of ££s started me thinking outside the socks. Then I discovered Midas and skirts made for men, that helped me a lot
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Re: To Kilt or not to kilt?

Postby GerdG » Mon Feb 11, 2019 9:47 pm

The kilt is the best skirt a man can wear. That is my opinion. I started wearing kilts, had a period with mainly skirts but for the last 15 years kilts have been my favorite choice.

There ARE viable alternatives to trousers.
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Re: To Kilt or not to kilt?

Postby Sinned » Tue Feb 12, 2019 12:29 pm

I have a kilt and the fact that I haven't any of the other accessories wouldn't stop me wearing it out and about with opaque tights or socks. MOH bought it [0] and I just find it too heavy to wear for more than an hour or two. But then I have offered to wear it out if she would accompany me and she has refused to so far. i don't know what to read in that. Steve is right in that the majority of times a kilt is worn is at a Scotland football or rugby match and the accessory would be the team shirt or even toplessness. The Kilt Police are strangely silent about such occasions. So no reason not to wear a kilt along with matching top and other accessories if that floats your boat.

[0] I don't know what it cost but it certainly wasn't cheap.
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Re: To Kilt or not to kilt?

Postby melsav » Tue Feb 12, 2019 2:31 pm

I have several kilts, all of which are home made in light weight fabric that I wear every day. I wear them with golf shirts and T shirts, no other items of traditional kilt wear. I even wear training/sport shoes/sneakers (whatever you call them in your country) ( in South Africa we call them "Takkies") and sport socks.
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Re: To Kilt or not to kilt?

Postby mishawakaskirt » Tue Feb 12, 2019 5:35 pm

GerdG wrote:The kilt is the best skirt a man can wear. That is my opinion. I started wearing kilts, had a period with mainly skirts but for the last 15 years kilts have been my favorite choice.

The tartan kilt is my popular choice also.

Most people know what a kilt is and treat you right.
Most people are curious about it, if anything at all is said. Occasionally There is the bone head that gives comment.

Kilts are great most of the time. There are times where a regular skirt is better. Denim for dirty work. Long skirts for cold weather. Lighter weight skirts for hot weather and lounging around the house.
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