Anyone interested?

General discussion of skirt and kilt-based fashion for men, and stuff that goes with skirts and kilts.
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Re: Anyone interested?

Post by weeladdie18 »

Everyone is having sales now , even the U.K. Charity Shops . Now is the time to find a cheap skirt............weeladdie

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Re: Anyone interested?

Post by Grok »

I wonder if it would be worth while to start a thread for similar exchanges. For example, I have a Utilikilt (a black mocker) that I can no longer wear-I seem to have expanded in girth.

The donor could offer a skirt, and the recipient could pay for the shipping.

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Re: Anyone interested?

Post by Gregg1100 »

For those that like shortish skirts and in UK, Matalan has some brilliant stuff in now, Going to see what I can get tomorrow. Just a little tip- Matalan stuff tends to be a bit smaller than size :D

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