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Re: 1st time outside

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Try a walking or hiking trail and greet people you meet with a smile, wave, and say hi, or good morning. Some trails are narrow and one or the other people will need to yield for others to pass. It's a good time to ask where they are from, etc. I started a conversation by asking about a tee shirt from another state.

The people on nature trails tend to be intelligent and friendly and usually from out of the area. It's a good way to develop confidence in wearing a skirt away from home. One of my very rare occasions was a lady asked what I was wearing. I told her it was a "hiking kilt" and that hikers and back packers wear them and they sell them on the Internet. She said what a good idea that was and how comfortable I looked. It was an above the knee camouflage skirt. What ever works.

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Re: 1st time outside

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That's a decent looking skirt! Well done :)
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