Over or bottom up?

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Re: Over or bottom up?

Post by Bowtie »

For me I go bottom up, I step in and then pull up the skirt before doing up the fasteners... I’ve never tried over the head myself, always bottom up!

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Re: Over or bottom up?

Post by STEVIE »

I have always used the bottom up too. However, given my current mobility issues, I will give it a try.
Anything that helps is a bonus.

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Re: Over or bottom up?

Post by skirtyscot »

Step in, every time. If I'm putting a slip on as well, pull the slip into the skirt first and then put them on together.

Most of my skirts are fairly straight, and I suspect that if I tried to pull them down over my shoulders I would damage them or myself. Or just get stuck half way!
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Re: Over or bottom up?

Post by r.m.anderson »

Whether you pull-up jump in with one or both legs slide down from the top the donning of the skirt dress what have you
depends on the stretchiness of fabric the type of fastening and how much room there is to play with in doing this.
Dresses are normally a drop down slide down - raise your arms putting them through the sleeves and place in place
buttoning or zipping up the closing for some fitting may take a contortionist movement to put into place.
Skirts could go this route if there is enough play in the waist and bust - No you are not going to do this with a pencil skirt !

For the skirts the usual route is the pull up and elastic snap into place - no flexible waist band then the fastening point be
it a zippered side back fly or buttoned panel must be undone first than the skirt pulled up over the larger hips and then
refastened at that point. This is where the beauty of the wrap skirt (kilt) comes into play - no fancy contortionist awkward
sucking in the belly moves necessary and then get the pliers and hydraulic winch line to pull the zipper into place.
Oh I am full of hot air am I - well that is not the case - full of something else but never the less I know when fighting the
battle of the waist line when mission impossible is present - therefore the kilt and or wrap skirt is my exclusive preference.
Best application is the Velcro fastening multi-universal adjustable waist - with an elastic back waist panel - perfect.
Call it speed dressing 101 !
"Kilt-On" -or- as the case may be "Skirt-On" !
Isn't wearing a kilt enough?
Well a skirt will do in a pinch!
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Re: Over or bottom up?

Post by SkirtsDad »

I have never seen anyone pull a skirt on or off over their head, and neither had I done so myself until now. Not wanting that to put me off, I did try to see what it was like with a denim mini. It was most ungainly and rather awekward, so, unless someone is perhaps excessively pear shaped, then I really cannot see the point. Even many dresses, tipically holter-neck, I step into. It is far less effort, especially when there is a lot of material involved.... Imagine trying to put a heavy ball gown on over your head!!

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Re: Over or bottom up?

Post by Kilted_John »

^Denim doesn't usually work well. Something a-line or pleated with an elastic waist, sure.
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