A Modern Style of Tunic or Robe

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Re: A Modern Style of Tunic or Robe

Postby weeladdie18 » Thu Nov 08, 2018 10:21 am

Grok wrote:Weeladdie, you seem to want to design your own distinctive garment. If so, I wouldn't worry about calling it a "tunic"-you would be recycling a (seldom used) word, and that's okay.

Grok and Carl...I am interested in the historical garments worn by those who visited U.K. shores in perhaps pre Medieval Times , when men wore " Tunics "... There might be an interesting word from
foreign extraction to describe the kind of tunic I am considering.....I am just brain storming the whole
concept....One of the problems is that many historical illustrations are inaccurate and definitions
have been lost in translation into the language spoken in the U.K. at that time.
The Old Mediteranean Tribes have been Mineral trading within U.K. waters since possibly 1000 B.C.

As late as the 1980's my friends have been migrating all over the World.
My central focus is to consider a practical style of male garment or garments for the current
" Man in a Skirt " to wear, based on historical styles of male attire.
I am also searching for a suitable name for that garment...... .....weeladdie
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