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Postby Mark as in Mark » Fri Aug 17, 2018 9:11 am

Interesting story about a women that first dressed as a man then dressed as a women riding a bike.
I was told I have balls for wearing skirts! My reply? "That's because balls this big won't fit in pants!"
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Re: Bikeyface

Postby Sinned » Fri Aug 17, 2018 12:29 pm

Strange post. Humourous I suppose? I like her last comment about the benefits for men - all one of them. There are more. Thanks for that Mark. :?
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Re: Bikeyface

Postby beachlion » Fri Aug 17, 2018 3:56 pm

It is a nice find. Even if it is from 6 year ago. I think it is useless to post any comments. ;)
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Re: Bikeyface

Postby moonshadow » Sat Aug 18, 2018 4:25 am

Is it based on a true story? Because I've biked with a skirt on plenty of times. Of course I didn't stuff grapefruits in my chest though....

The responses I received were about the same as when I'm not on a bike.... basically, no responses at all!
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Re: Bikeyface

Postby FranTastic444 » Sat Aug 18, 2018 4:25 pm

What a great find - thanks for sharing :-)

The site has a lot of relevance for me - I live and cycle in the same area as the artist. Not only are many of the scenes that she depicts very familiar (for example, if you look at page 4 of the banner on the front page, she does an excellent rendition of the Longfellow Bridge with the Red Line train and the salt and pepper pot central towers with the "City on the hill" in the background), a number of the topics she covers (in her own, humerous way) also strike a chord. I'll be sure to look out for her on the road / bikepaths when I'm out cycling.

A number of her posts are around cycling attire. Boston has a lot of female cyclists. Although some ladies go down the lycra / gym bunny route, you do get a fair share of skirted riders. I've only seen one skirted male cyclist thus far (red and white polkadot skater) - more common is the shorts with tights look. I can easily imagine cycling in a short skirt in conjunction with cycling shorts with the skirt draping over the seat, but I imagine that something longer that you would sit on would be quite uncomfortable.
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