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Re: Floral

Postby Daryl » Wed Dec 27, 2017 5:25 am

skirtyscot wrote:My floral skirt had its first airing this morning. Only to my wife (she'd actually seen it already) and children and Son One's girlfriend, but it's a start! Worn at breakfast time with yesterday's pink shirt and black tights. (I was planning to go for a run afterwards, so didn't bother with a shower beforehand, and I don't see the point in putting clean clothes on when I'm not clean.)

No comments, but that is as normal.

A good look, IMO; maybe worthy of a photo.

For Christmas dinner the shirt was teamed up with my bright purple skirt. Perhaps another ensemble to recreate for your delectation.

Purple skirt and pink shirt plus pink or purple socks is a pretty regular combo for me. I have a silk necktie that works quite well with them too.
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